EFFECT: A jumbo pack of playing cards is displayed. The cards are seen to be well mixed and different. Turning the cards face down, the mentalist hands batches of cards to four volunteer spectators who are standing in a row on stage. The four spectators are asked to thoroughly mix their cards. The pack is then reassembled and immediately handed to spectator number one. The mentalist removes a sealed envelope from his pocket and hands it to spectator number four. Now, spectator number one is asked to cut off approximately half of the pack and hand it to spectator number two. The mentalist takes the remaining cards from the first spectator and using the value of the top card, instructs the second spectator to deal that number of cards face down to spectator number three. The balance of the cards are placed to one side while the mentalist recaps what has transpired.

A pack of playing cards has been thoroughly shuffled by four different people. A sealed envelope has been remanded to the custody of a member of the committee. A number of cards determined by a random cut have been dealt from the shuffled pack to another member of the committee. Obviously, the mentalist points out, there is no possible way that the selection of cards could be influenced...and no one including the spectator who is holding the cards has any idea as to their identity.

The mentalist asks spectator number three to fan out the cards he is holding in front of his eyes so that he alone can see the faces of the cards. Allow your eyes to scan the cards and fix your attention on one card...the Ace of Diamonds, the mentalist states. If I am correct, remove that card and hold it up so that everyone can see it, he continues. Now, hand it to the gentleman on your right. Again and again the spectator is asked to look at the cards and time after time, the mentalist correctly identifies the cards held by the spectator until only one card remains. The spectator holding the sealed envelope is asked to open and remove a prediction the mentalist placed there earlier in the day. The mentalist asks him to read aloud what is written on the slip of paper. It reads, The last card you will look at is the Nine Of Spades. The spectator holding the one remaining card is asked to show it to the audience. It is the nine of spades.

(Note: Supreme Magic published an effect by Billy McComb and Ken De Courcy entitled Cabaret Card Divination. I loved the effect but disliked the method. I will not reveal Billy and Ken's solution, however, I can state that my method is totally different than theirs...and in my humble opinion...far superior.)

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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