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If I were marketing this gem, it would probably go for $25.00. The reason? It's a beautiful effect. A powerhouse accomplished by the simplest of methods. It began with a roulette force that caught my eye in Close-Up Cavalcade by Mentzer. Little did I realize when I began to experiment with it that Fool-Ette would result.

EFFECT: The mentalist displays a paperback book entitled WINNING CASINO GAMBLING by Terrence Reese and hands it to a spectator for examination. The spectator then inserts a playing card anywhere he wishes in the book. Half the card is left protruding. The mentalist turns his head away and opens the book to the pages bisected by the protruding card. The spectator is instructed to memorize the page number at that point. The performer then removes the card and tosses it and the book on the table. Handing the spectator a pad and pencil, the mentalist instructs the spectator to record the page number he noted. The mentalist turns away as this is done. (Note: The mentalist actually does NOT know which page the spectator peeked at!) Now, the mentalist picks up the book and turns to a section that deals with Roulette and allows the spectator to mentally select any row of three horizontal numbers as shown on a roulette table layout. The spectator actually has a free choice of three numbers. The book is cast aside.

The spectator is told to write the three numbers he mentally selected in a vertical row beneath the page number he previously recorded. As the spectator does this the mentalist jots something down on a piece of cardboard and places it writing side down on the table. The mentalist explains that in the science of numerology, it is necessary that all multiple digit numbers be reduced to a single digit in order to determine one's lucky number. The spectator is now asked to total the figures on the pad and if his answer contains more than one digit...he is to add the digits in his answer together until they result in a single digit For example: the spectator notes page 56. Then he mentally selects the numbers 25, 26 and 27. Adding these four numbers together gives him a total of 134. To reduce the sum total to a single digit, the spectator would add 1+3+4=8. As a result, the spectator's lucky number would be 8. In spite of the fairness of the procedure...when the mentalist displays his previously written impression, it reads...YOUR LUCKY NUMBER IS EIGHT.

Go back and read the description again. The book is examined. The spectator inserts the card anywhere within the book. The page where the card is inserted is the page the spectator looks at. The numbers on the roulette layout are mentally selected. A choice of 3 numbers out of 36. Without question, this is a mind-boggling effect...and best of all, the method is diabolically simple.

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