A week or so prior to a performance, you announce that you will make a prediction concerning the outcome of a prize fight, football game, ice hockey game, tennis match, baseball game or an election. In fact, if you are performing for a sizeable group, you could even agree to predict the outcome of a popularity poll conducted with the audience between two nationally known celebrities such as Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin. Championship games and elections however, offer the greatest publicity opportunities. In any event, your sealed prediction is mailed to anyone whose integrity is beyond reproach...a week or two in advance of the event whose outcome you are attempting to predict. The Mayor...Chief of Police ...newspaper editor... a clergyman...or an organization president are likely candidates. What's so exciting about a 50-50 prediction? Would you believe $5,000.00? Or $10,000.00? Thats right. To heighten interest in your prediction...YOU AGREE TO PAY $5,000.00 (or more) TO ANY WORTHWHILE CHARITY ...IF YOUR PREDICTION IS NOT 100% CORRECT!

The dignitary who receives your prediction brings it to your performance. He testifies that the sealed envelope has NOT been out of his possession...or tampered with...since he received it weeks prior to your performance. HE AND HE ALONE THEN OPENS AND READS YOUR PREDICTION. IT IS 100% CORRECT! That's right. There is only ONE prediction envelope mailed ...and it is positively the one that is opened and read.

Consider the advantages of this unbelievable swindle. You actually never touch the prediction or the envelope after it is mailed days, weeks or months prior to your performance. The sealed prediction never leaves the dignitary's possession from the time he receives it in the mail weeks prior to the event and show...until he and he alone opens and reads your prediction. The envelope is not gimmicked in any way. The envelope contains only one slip with your prediction on one side. Yet, you are always 100% correct! The prediction envelope can even be notarized as to the date it was sealed and mailed.

There are no switches at any time...no stooges or assistants (it's a one man effect)...no sleight of hand of any kind...no nail writing...no stylus/carbon writing...no body or sleeve work...no wires...pulls...batteries or electronics. It's a miracle just as though you can infallibly predict the event and it is this prediction which is opened and read.

Challenge Prediction is one of the most baffling, mind boggling mental effects ever conceived. An absolute stunner when you consider that you are APPARENTLY RISKING $5,000.00 (or $100,000.00 if you look the part and drive a Rolls Royce).

But enough teasing. Obviously there has to be a method and what a method it is. The secret can be summed up in two words: invisible ink! Not the use of invisible ink...but the use of two non-compatible invisible inks to accomplish a miracle of precognition.

A great deal of experimentation went into the creation of this great effect. Not all inks worked the way i wanted them to. Not all paper finishes were compatible with the inks i preferred. In short, it took a considerable amount of time, money and patience to put it all together. But let me begin by briefly explaining the principle as it is employed in the $5,000.00 challenge prediction.

Once you have decided on the event whose outcome you are going to predict, you prepare a prediction slip by printing both possible outcomes...one on top of the other...on one side of the paper using two different types of invisible ink. When the ink has dried, the area written upon will appear blank. The prediction is then sealed in an envelope and mailed to the dignitary who will bring it to your performance. On the day of your show, depending upon the final outcome of the contest you are predicting, you bring only the developer pen which will cause the correct prediction to appear. (if that isn't one of the most diabolical swindles ever conceived, than i give up.) The other possible outcome remains undeveloped and invisible.

You have correctly predicted the outcome of an event weeks in advance without ever coming near the prediction envelope until after it is opened, developed and read. How do you explain the blank condition of the slip once it has been removed from the envelope? That's the best part of all. It's because you wanted to ensure that your prediction was not tampered with or peeked at in advance. Therefore, you wrote it in invisible ink. (in truth, this is something that i've always wanted to do. Why do you think most predictions must be locked up in the first place. It's to prevent some inquisitive person from seeing that you can't actually predict the time of day much less a newspaper headline.) In addition, you explain that while you have faith in your own psychic ability (after all, you are betting $5,000.00 on the outcome!) It wouldn't be fair to influence someone who might be tempted to make a wager on the basis of your prediction.

That's a brief explanation to give you a working knowledge of the method. Here is a detailed outline of the presentation:

EQUIPMENT - You will require four (4) special pens. Two are filled with invisible ink. Two are developer pens.

1. WHITE PEN a an invisible ink pen for writing a prediction.

2. ORANGE PEN a a developer pen that only develops a message written with the white pen.

3. TAN PEN a an invisible ink pen for writing the second prediction.

4. RED PEN a a developer pen that only develops a message written with the tan pen.

IMPORTANT! a PENS NUMBER ONE (1) and TWO (2) are known as YES & KNOW INVISIBLE INK PENS that are available in many toy & hobby shops. If you cannot locate them, write to LEE PUBLICATIONS at 815-825 East Market Street (P.O. Box 1155) Louisville, Ky. for the name of the store nearest you that carries the above pens.

PENS NUMBER THREE (3) and FOUR (4) are known as MARVEY COLOR TRICKS and are available at art supply stores. If you have trouble locating them...write for information to Uchida of America Corporation, 69-34 / 51st Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377.

The special paper that I use is GRUMBACHER'S CREAM CHARCOAL/PASTEL DRAWING PAPER (1029 #1 cream) which is available at art supply stores or write M. Grumbacher, Inc., 460 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001 for name of nearest source should you have difficulty finding it.

(Note: Following the instructions contained herein, the red pen can only develop the prediction written with the tan pen. It will NOT develop the message written with the white pen...and visa-versa.

When developed, the WHITE/ORANGE pen combination produces BROWN writing. The TAN/RED pen combination produces YELLOW WRITING AGAINST A RED BACKGROUND.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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