The mentalist displays six alphabet cards each bearing one letter...M-E-N-T-A-L. The cards are examined and thoroughly shuffled by a spectator. The mentalist asks the spectator to gaze at the six cards...mentally select one of the letters... then shuffle the packet face down so that not even he has any idea as to where his mentally selected letter is located. The mentalist takes the face down packet and deals the cards into two piles of three each. The mentalist announces that he is going to test the spectator for extra sensory perception. The spectator is asked to point to the pile which he believes contains his mentally selected letter. The mentalist shows the three cards in the pile pointed to by the spectator. The spectator answers yes or no, depending upon whether or not his card is to be seen. Twice more the mentalist shuffles and deals the packet into two piles and twice again the spectator attempts to determine which of the two piles contains his card. Finally, the mentalist places the cards behind his back for just a second. Dropping the cards face down in front of the spectator, the mentalist asks that he call out the identity of the letter upon which he has been concentrating. When the spectator does so, the mentalist spreads the six cards, and there face up in the center of the spread is the letter the spectator was concentrating upon.

Continuing, the mentalist discards the letter card previously thought of and repeats the procedure by having the spectator mentally select one of the remaining five letters. Three times the mentalist again tests the spectator's powers of ESP. Finally, the packet is handed to the spectator who deals one card face down...the next card he ducks under. The next card is dealt face down on the table. The next is ducked. This continues until the spectator has but one card remaining in his hand. When asked to call out the letter he has mentally selected, the spectator is shocked to see that he is holding the one card upon which he was concentrating. Discarding the card just mentally selected, the mentalist turns away and marks the remaining cards using a Listo pencil. Facing the spectator, the mentalist shows the remaining four cards... face up...one at a time until stopped by the spectator. The letter mentally selected from the four possibilities is placed aside. The remaining three cards are shown to be normal front and back. The card mentally selected by the spectator is turned over...and there across its back is a large X mark.

Three times the spectator has mentally selected a letter from the word MENTAL. Three times the mentalist has correctly revealed which letter the spectator was concentrating upon.

The Alpha Routine is just that. A great close-up mental routine that builds and builds...with each segment climaxing in a different fashion.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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