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The mentalist invites three spectators to take an imaginary junket to the gambling capitol of the world...Las Vegas. Positioning the three spectators in a row on stage, the mentalist states that the first spectator will hereafter be designated as GAMBLER NUMBER ONE. And to help him remember that fact, the mentalist hands him his stake consisting of one $1,000 bill (phoney of course). Spectator number two is to be hereafter designated as GAMBLER NUMBER TWO...and to help him remember, the mentalist hands him his stake consisting of two $1,000 bills ($2,000 in all). To spectator number three, the mentalist gives three $1,000 bills (total $3,000) to help him remember that from now on he will be known as GAMBLER NUMBER THREE. The mentalist places a stake of $1,000 bills on the table stating that this money represents the house or management of the casinos.

Now, the mentalist shows three poker chips. One is imprinted with the name CAESAR'S PALACE. The second is imprinted MGM GRAND. And the third, SAHARA HOTEL. The chips are placed on a table in front of the spectator and the mentalist turns his back. Facing the audience, the mentalist asks the three gamblers to approach the table one at a time...and to pick up any one of the three poker chips. Each is to memorize the hotel printed on his chip and to then place it out of sight in his pocket. When this has been done, only the three gamblers know the identity of the hotel on the chip they have hidden on their person. The mentalist now explains that each of the three spectators will take an imaginary trip to the casino imprinted on the chip in his pocket. So stating, the mentalist states that the gambler who holds the CAESAR'S PALACE chip has gone to that casino and is about to play ROULETTE. The mentalist describes the action as the wheel goes round and round. The spectator has wagered his entire stake on RED. The wheel slows down. The ball drops into a slot. It's RED! The gambler who visited Caesar's Palace has WON. The mentalist instructs the person holding the chip imprinted with the name Caesar's Palace to approach the table and pick up his winnings. Since the gambler's bet was an even money wager, he is instructed to pick up an amount of money from the table equal to the amount of his stake. In other words, if he has $1,000 to start, he picks up $1,000 from the table. If he had $2,000 to start...then he picks up $2,000 more from the table. Naturally, if he had $3,000 to start...he picks up $3,000.

The mentalist continues by stating that the gambler who selected the chip imprinted MGM GRAND has visited that casino and decided to play a hand of Blackjack. The cards are dealt and the gambler receives a King and an Ace. He's hit Blackjack. Since he bet his entire stake and the pay off is two to one...the person holding the MGM GRAND chip is directed to go to the table and pick up twice the amount of his original stake. In other words, if he started with $1,000...he picks up two times that amount or $2,000. If he started with $2,000 ...then he picks up two times that amount or $4,000. If he started with $3,000...then he wins two times that amount or $6,000. Naturally, since the mentalist's back is turned to the three spectators there's no way he could possibly know who is holding which chip nor who has what amount of money.

Continuing, the mentalist states that the gambler holding the chip imprinted SAHARA HOTEL has visited that casino and decided to shoot CRAPS. He bets his entire stake and makes four passes in a row. This spectator is instructed to approach the table and pick up his winnings which amount to four times the amount he started with. In other words, if he started with $1,000...he picks up four times that amount or $4,000. If he started with $2,000...then he picks up $8,000. If he started with $3,000...then he wins $12,000. As soon as all three spectators have pocketed their winnings, the mentalist asks if there is any money left on the table? Whatever amount is left is then handed to the mentalist who explains that while all three spectators were indeed very lucky...he is about to explain why you can't beat the house.

Removing an envelope from his pocket, the mentalist states that earlier in the day he had a premonition about the action that the audience has just witnessed. The mentalist states that he will wager the amount remaining on the table against everything in the possession of the three spectators. The bet? That he (the mentalist) has infallibly predicted in advance where each spectator went to gamble...what game each played ...and how much money they ended up with. Since the mentalist at no time witnessed any of the spectator's actions, this would seem to be a pretty safe bet for the three spectators. However, when the mentalist's prediction is opened and read aloud...he accurately foretold where each spectator went to gamble... what they played...and exactly how much money each has in his possession. The mentalist then proceeds to clean out each of the three would-be gamblers as the audience expresses its pleasure with a round of applause.

Vegas Mentalism is extremely easy to do. All you have to do is remember the routine. Everything else works itself.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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