The spectator's packet of cards cut off from the deck at the beginning is turned face up. The face card of the packet is also the Seven of Hearts - "Overkill!"

- Position a stranger card (a card fro^ another deck of contrasting back design) m the twenty-first position, from the top of the deck The card that matches the stranger card (let's say the Seven of Hearts) should be face down on top of the deck. Complete your preparation by writing "You thought of the Seven of Hearts" inside the card case flap.

PLEftfE.MAhlCL -

±>TE-P £?Nl£L - Direct a spectator to cut a small packet of cards off the top of the deck (between ten and fifteen cards). If you see that the spectator has cut off more than twenty cards, have her drop a few back onto the deck "to make the routine go a little quicker."

As soon as the packet has been cut off, direct the spectator to count the cards by quietly dealing them face down onto the table, one on top of the other. Turn your back during the counting process, keeping the spectator's number of cards a secret.

The part of the human brain that governs rational thought is methodically dissected piece by piece until nothing remains but a wafer-thin wall of credibility. This final wall of restraint is then ruthlessly shattered by a single fatal thrust delivered by the cruelly calculating minds of Ackerman, Emberg and Mario.

A spectator cuts off a packet of cards to obtain a secret number. The spectator locates the card at her secret number and merely thinks of it. The performer reads the spectator's mind and reveals the "thought of" card to be the Seven of Hearts!

To rule out pure luck, the performer had previously written the name of a card on the card case flap. The spectator reads the prediction, "You thought of the Seven of Hearts!"


The rest of the deck is spread face down on the table revealing one card with a different back design. The stranger card is turned up -it's the Seven of Hearts!

5TE-P TW/O - Announce that you'll try to deal out at least as many cards as the spectator did. Deal the top twenty cards face up onto the table, overlapping from left to right. After you've dealt out the first few cards, gradually raise the front end of the packet so that by the time you reach the stranger card the top of the packet will be out of view (FIG.1).

Take care not to expose the back of the stranger as it is dealt. After dealing this card, casually allow the packet to level out as you continue to deal the rest of the top twenty cards.

5TE.P TilE-E-E. - Count along the row of cards out loud, tapping them with your finger from right to left as you tell the spectator to remember the card at her secret number (her "number" being the number of cards in her packet).

Square the twenty cards and drop them face down onto the rest of the deck (the spectator still has her packet face down on the table).

Stare into the spectator's eyes, and with all the showmanship you can muster, reveal the name of the card she has been thinking of as the Seven of Hearts. (The "thought of" card will always be the one that started out positioned twenty-first from the top.)

6TE-P FOUR. - To prove that your demonstration of telepathy wasn't just a lucky guess, direct your spectator to read the card-case flap ("You thought of the Seven of Hearts").

5TELP H^E- - To take this experiment one step further ruling out all possibility of coincidence spread the deck face down, exposing the stranger card. When turned face up it is seen to be the Seven of Hearts - the only card of a different back design in the entire deck.

5TELP 6IX - You now step over the boundaries of good taste and decency, completing your final mind-destroying demonstration of "Overkill."

Instruct your spectator to turn her packet of cards face up, revealing another Seven of Hearts! Say that not only did you predict the card at her number, but that she herself insisted on cutting to that very card!

pjJOOTNotl -

Here's a presentation I've used, which kicks in after the verbal prediction: "I know...You're thinking maybe someone's hiding in the room watching us with binoculars and some guy's secretly signaling me with a weather balloon or something. That's what I would have guessed, so that's why before I came here today I wrote a prediction on the card box. Take a look (she reads prediction). I're thinking maybe I have fifty two card cases each with a different prediction concealed in the room, then somehow I switched in the correct case. Boy, you are a tough crowd...So that's why I arranged to use a blue-backed deck with just one red-backed card ( reveal odd back). Yes, it's very impressive...But still you're not sure. You're thinking maybe it was one of those mood ring hold it in your hand and body heat causes the ink to change color. Well...that's a real possibility. There was really only one thing completely out of my control here...and that was when you cut the deck (demo with rest of deck). You could have cut a few cards more or a few cards less. No one could have known the exact card you would cut to...and yet...and yet...(spectator turns her packet over to reveal final match). Okay. I'm convinced."

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