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5TE.P ¿?NE- - Openly remove the Two of Spades, the Two of Clubs, and the King of Hearts from the deck. Arrange them into a face-down packet, from the top down; King of Hearts, Two of Clubs, Two of Spades. (Any three cards can be used as long as two of them are the same value and color.) Fold the three-card packet in half as in FIG. 1, so that a small portion of the Two of Spades index corner shows.

LP T\Vû - Tear out the centers of the three cards as in FIG. 2.

5TE-P TJ-I12.E-C- - Unfold the packet and hold it face down between your left thumb and index finger at the center left crease (FIG. 3).

6TELP f^UR. - Push the top card over to the right, placing it deep between your right middle and ring fingers (FIG. 4). Note that this card is clipped between the two fingers above the crease.

5TE.P FIN/EL - Slide the second card from the top over between your right middle and ring fingers, below the card already in the right hand (FIG. 5). Note that the second card is now held at the right fingertips (above its right crease) while the "top" card is positioned further "back" (to the right) between the fingers.

¿TE-P 5IX - Move the left hand away with the bottom card (FIG. 6). The left hand now holds the Two of Spades. The right middle and ring fingers are clipping the King of Hearts and the Two of Clubs.

SJLP 6LVLN - Turn the card in the left hand face up so that it's held by its left side between your left index and middle fingers just above the left crease. See FIGS. 7, 8, 9.

6TE-P □¿¡'■LlT ~ Position the face-up Two of Spades directly over the top of the face-down Two of Clubs (the bottom right-hand card) as in FIG. 10.

5TE.P NiML - Clip the right side of the faceup card between your right index and middle fingertips, a bit above the crease (FIG. 11).

torn card between your left middle and ring fingertips, above the crease. See FIG. 12.

under the face-up card as in FIG. 13. Note that the right thumb is resting on the bottom card on your side of the crease (about half an inch away from the crease), while your left thumb is in a similar position on the left side of the bottom card.

6TE-P TW/LLN/L - Press both little fingertips up against the inner corners of the bottom card. This locked position enables your first and second fingers to press the two creases of the face-up card directly onto the two creases of the face-down card (FIG. 14).

5TE-P Ti-JlE-TE-E-Nl - Push up slightly on your end of the face-up card with your thumbs. See FIG. 15.

the outer end of the bottom card with your second fingers (FIG. 16). Notice how the faceup card on top starts to fold up into a "V" while the bottom card starts to form an invert-
middle fingers together, so that the top and bottom cards are pinched together at their creases (FIG. 17).

5TE.P 6IXTE-E.Nl - Squeeze your thumbs and middle fingers together while removing your first and ring fingers, so that the top and bottom cards continue to fold into a "V" shape until both cards fold flat in half. As the two cards fold flat, move away your other fingers so that the two folded cards are only held between your thumbs and middle fingers (FIG. 18).

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5TE.P - Allow the single unfolded card, which is still clipped between your right second and third fingers, to drop onto the lower folded card (FIG. 19). Hot damn! You have just linked one card to two cards. Take a break.

now. It's taken a lot of time to learn an action that lasts five seconds in actual performance. Pick up the cards and practice this first link a few times. Once you have it cooking, add the few fine points described next.

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