I'd been pondering the possibility of a fizz transposition for years. It was high time to pop some tops and burst some bubbles. So Eric and I spent a blissful Sunday morning sitting in an alley behind Ernie's Liquor Barn where we shook and opened about sixty bucks worth of beer and soft drinks. A tribe of curious street folk gathered to watch the experiment, partake in the free suds and offer their own pet theories on compression-to-froth ratios. We even learned that there's a "gimmicked" stout on the market that has a froth-o-matic co2 canister built into its bottom. In the end, Ernie's Institute for Advanced Astonishment produced a solution that was simple, elegant and gimmick-free. Eric wanted the piece cut from the book so he could have it exclusively for his own act. We put it to a vote. Our collaborators insisted we share it with our friends.

E-ffE-CT - Two completely ordinary unopened cans of carbonated beverage are honestly displayed. These can be cans of Coke, Sprite, Slice, Rootbeer, real beer, near beer or any combination of canned fizz that you can easily access. A spectator freely selects one of the two cans and rigorously shakes it up and down about ten times...then sets it down two feet from the unshaken can.

No one doubts that you've just created a volatile fizz bomb. Nearby thrill seekers take a cautious step back. You hold your hand above the can-grenade and attempt to palm 10,000 tiny bubbles. You transfer the pressurized mass to the other can. then let loose a mysterious belch. The deed is done. You hold the armed can-grenade up to your face, pull the trigger and nothing. It's a dud. The 10,000 bubbles are gone! You pick up the unshaken drink, pop the top...and the canned volcano erupts in a spectacular spurt of foam and froth. You change into dry clothes, haul out the rug shampooer and promise to blow dry your host's aged mother.

5TE.P ¿?NE- - Check out your performing space to make sure a fizz shower is appropriate (like a back-yard BBQ), or check out your own agenda to see if it would be appropriate to do something inappropriate.

Get two unopened cans of any carbonated beverage. You can use a combination of any two cans. As long as they have pull tops they'll work. Some kind of trash container (or just a plastic bag) should be nearby. A towel is helpful for the clean-up. Situate your host's mom at a safe distance.

5TE-P ~[\J0 - Set the cans down about two feet apart. Allow the audience to select the can to be shaken. Then have someone pick up the chosen can, and give it eight or ten good hard up-and-down shakes. Hold the can to your spectator's ear so she can hear it fizz. This defuses the thought that you somehow defizzed the drink before starting.

6TELP TLlRILEL - Place the shaken can back where you picked it up. Now it's all presentation. You need about 20 seconds of it. (That's the time it takes for a can that's been shaken ten times to settle enough to be opened without spurting. For some reason, no one knows this. Just like us, most folks assume it takes a lot longer.)

3JL.P F^LR - Spend the next 20 seconds making some sort of magic passes that imply you're moving the fizz.

6TE-P FIN/C. - Pick up the can you shook, making certain to hold it straight up in the 12 o'clock position so there is air at the top, and open it all the way with one quick action. This instantly releases any left over fizziness, and prevents a shower. Set it down.

5TE-P 6IX - Pick up the other can, using your thumb to press in as hard as you can against the side that's away from the audience, as in the illustration. They shouldn't be aware of this. The EXTREME thumb-pressure raises the pressure inside the can. Hold this can out and away from you at the two or three o'clock position (tilted so there's no air at the top); sustain maximum thumb pressure and pull the pop-top open, but only a crack. The pressure inside is released through that little gap, forcing the contents out in a shower of streams and spurts. Just like a shaken soda.

6TE-P 6E.N/E.N - Stop squeezing before the dent in the can begins to show from the audience's side. Your side of the can will be a bashed-in wreck. Since the can is a dripping mess, it's natural to throw it into the nearby trash bag. Wipe your hands, and toast or baptize the audience with the other can.

5<?PA LlYgtME. - Club soda is the easiest on your clothes...it actually removes stains -although it doesn't sound very fizzy when listened to.


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