ELFfELCT - You cut the deck into three piles. A spectator places a penny on one pile, a nickel on another pile, and a dime on the third pile. She can change her mind, move the coins around, or move the piles around. Nothing matters because you are "Mr. Lucky." You luckily reveal that the card under the dime is a Ten. The card under the nickel is a Five. The card under the penny is a One. (Actually an Ace, but its the best you can do). You then press your luck by openly placing the nickel on the Ten and the dime on the Five and the cards instantly change to match their change. To press your luck to the limit you remove two of the three cards leaving just one card and three coins. The missing cards instantly reappear next to their coins, proving that you're not called "Mr. Lucky" for nothing.

6ELT-UP - (Any suits) Top Down: Ten-Ace-Five, Ten-Ace-Five, Five-Ace-Ten.

.5TELP ¿?I\|E_ - Hold the face-down deck from above by its ends in your right hand. Cut off the bottom third of the deck with your left hand and use your left thumb to reverse-count the top three cards of the deck on to its lower third. Table this face-down packet to your left.

¿TE-P TWlO - Your left hand cuts off the bottom half of the right-hand cards, the left thumb reverse-counts the top three cards onto the lower half, just like in Step One. Table the lower half to the right of the first tabled packet.

5TE.P TJ-lE-E-E. - Table the remaining packet to the right of the other two packets. The top three cards of each packet should now be Five, Ace. Ten

5TE.P fOUR. - Bring out your leatherette coin pouch and dump out a penny, a nickel, and a dime in any order. Direct a spectator to place any com on top of any packet. Repeat this procedure two more times until each packet is crowned by a coin.

5TELP flN/E. - Pick up the "ten-cent" packet with your left hand and openly spread the top three cards to bring the dime closer to your right hand. (The real reason for the spread is to get a three-card break.) Remove the dime with the right fingers and place it on the table, while your left little finger obtains the three-card break and your left thumb squares the cards onto the deck. Grasp the three cards above the break from above by their ends with your right fingers for a triple lift. Display the Ten, turn the triple down onto the deck, then deal the top single card (a Five) face down under the tabled dime. Put the "used-dime" packet aside.

5TE-P 5IX - Pick up the penny packet with your left hand and spread the top two cards to bring the penny "closer" to the right hand. Remove the penny with the right fingers and place it on the table, to the right of the dime. Your left little finger obtains a two-card break as the left thumb squares the spread. The right fingers double-lift to the break and display the Ace. Turn the double down onto the packet and push off the top single card (a Five) face down under the tabled penny. Place this packet on top of the "used" dime packet.

6TLP 6L\/LN - Direct the spectator to remove the top card of the nickel packet where she finds a Five. Place the single Five face down under the nickel and put the packet onto the rest of the deck. You now have a Five-spot beneath each coin while on top of the deck you have an Ace, followed by a Ten.

±>TLP Llc;jJT - Hold the face-down deck in left-hand dealing position and obtain a two-card break with your little finger. Place the nickel and its card, as one unit, on top of the deck (giving you a three-card break). Then openly exchange the nickel for the dime. Allow the dime to slide off the deck, onto the table, then triple lift with your right fingers to reveal a Ten. Direct a spectator to reveal the Five-spot under the nickel. The two cards have changed to match their change.

6TLP NlNL - Turn the triple face down and rest it on the table behind the dime, but don't let go of the triple. Openly take the other two cards with your left hand and place them face down onto the deck. This leaves just "one" card behind the row of three coins.

5TLP TLNl - Release the triple as you cross your left hand over your right hand and move your right hand a bit to the left. The triple is exposed for just a moment and then you uncross your hands in a flash, sliding the top card to the left with your left fingers and the next card to the right with your right fingers, revealing three cards to match the three coins.

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