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This exciting close-up fantasy enables you to demonstrate "the ultimate second deal" after just a few minutes practice!

I first saw Martin perform this impossibility years ago at the Hollywood Cavalcade of Magic. As the convention progressed I became Martin's personal shadow, grimly following him from room to room in an attempt to figure out just how the hell anyone could fool an audience of magicians with a full-view second deal - done in slow motion while the top card of the deck had a stamp stuck on it.

In desperation I introduced myself to Mr. Lewis and explained that I was an up-and-coming magician and would he please contribute his priceless "Stamped Second" routine to my first book. Martin looked down at my kneeling figure and said, "Kid, I'd be glad to give you this trick - for your seventh book!" He then laughed his little English laugh as he turned and walked away.

It is now eight years, seven books later and Martin Lewis has lived up to his promise. "Stamped Second" will finally be revealed!

I've re-worked the original "Stamped Second" routine (which required a gaffed deck) so that you can present it at any time during your performance, with any deck of cards.

PREPARATION - Place a piece of razor blade between two postage stamps. Stick a matching stamp onto the back of a Joker.

You'll also require a magnet of sufficient power to penetrate half a deck. This magnet must also be of a size and shape convenient to finger palm.

6E.T-UP - Position the prepared stamp onto the magnet and place the unit into a left-hand pocket. The stamped Joker is left inside the card case until you're ready to present the routine plrfor-MANICEL -

6TLP ¿TNlEL - Half of the deck is held face up from above in your left hand. Two cards at the back have been secretly reversed ala the "Braue Reversal" (as explained in Step Four of "Traveling Triumph" (see Index). The rest of the deck is not needed and so is tabled to one side.

Remove the stamped Joker from the card case and place it face up on the table. Take care not to expose the stamp. Place your left thumb on the Joker's face and your left fingertips under the Joker's left side (FIG. 1).

This will allow you to position the Joker face down at the back of the face-up pack without revealing the stamp or the other two reversed cards. Turn your left hand palm up, leaving the Joker face up on top of the face-down deck.

5TE.P T\\lO - Grasp the half-deck from above by its ends with your right fingers as your left hand goes into the pocket for a stamp and finger-palms the magnet, so that the stamp is on the outside. As you remove your hand with its concealed magnet from your pocket, use your left thumb to slide the stamp to your fingertips (FIG. 2).

Drop the stamp onto the table and replace the packet into your left hand, concealing the magnet. Execute a triple turnover, turning the top three cards of the deck face down as one card. Pick up the stamp with your right fingers and pretend to lick its back. Actually lick the back of your right thumb. Stick the stamp onto the center of the left-hand packet's top card (supposedly the Joker). Thanks to the concealed magnet, the stamp will adhere to the card.

±>TLP TLIE.LL - The magnet should be pressed against the center of the packet's face. Use your right thumb and forefinger to slowly-deal the top card face down onto the table. The stamp will hang in place as the top card is removed, then attach itself to the packet's new top card. This is the most incredible demonstration of "second dealing" that your audience will ever see!

6TLP ftfUR. - After the first card has been dealt, openly in-jog the top card about a quarter of an inch as you announce the demonstration of a "double deal." Place your right thumb across the upper end of both cards (FIG. 3) and slowly pull off both cards as one unit, placing the two cards onto the first tabled card (FIG. 4). Note that the two cards are positioned so the top card remains in-jogged.

6TLP FlVL - Deal four or five more single cards face down onto the tabled packet to further demonstrate your "perfect second."

6TLP ¿IX - Pick up the tabled packet from above by its ends with your right fingers, obtaining a thumb break below the in-jogged card as the packet is lifted (FIG. 5).

Position the right-hand packet directly above the left-hand packet. Release the cards from below the break square onto the left-hand packet as your right hand slides its packet to the right (FIG. 6).

5TELP 6E.N/E.NI - As the stamped Joker is being examined, grasp the left-hand packet from above by its ends with your right fingers. Press the packet against your left thumb crotch as you straighten your left fingers undercover of your right hand (FIG. 7).

In a continuing action, use the left side of the right-hand packet to turn the new top card of the left-hand packet face up. Without pausing, use your left thumb to deal the face-up Joker onto the table. Drop the right-hand packet onto the previously-tabled half-deck. The extra stamp is now concealed beneath the top card of the left-hand packet.

This action will cause the magnet to draw the stamp out from the packet's right side -once aga^r jc.nmg the stamp and the magnet together Remove the packet with your right hand a"d d'op't onto the rest of the deck. D'tc^ the ~agnet/stamp unit into a left-hand pocket as ,Cj remove a prop for your next effect Place the stamped Jcker back into the card case n preparation for your next demonstration 'Stamped Second "

c 1996)

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Fundamentals of Magick

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