Immaculate CitCTINl

TAÑNE_Ni "¿>TAE.¿> Of MACTIC ( I 983)

ELfFELCT _ The centers of three borrowed playing cards are ripped out - shaping them into "Cardboard Donuts." These Cardboard Donuts link together, unlink then link again.

The first link just "happens." The Donuts are held at the fingertips... there's a slight flicker... and they're suddenly linked. The unlink is achieved by blowing. The actual "wind force" creates this beautiful hands-off penetration. The second link tops the previous penetrations when a Cardboard Donut instantly links as it is lifted up off the table.

These three close-up, full-view penetrations are real honest-to-God free and hanging links -not pseudo, quasi, or pretend links!

The Close-Up Kinda Guy then proceeds to make mincemeat out of the spectators' minds when he disconnects the linked donuts by ripping out their sides, handing the damaged donuts out for examination... where their ripped-out sides are then discovered to be completely restored!

Paul Harris' IMMACULATE CONNECTION can be presented completely impromptu with any borrowed cards. Nothing is added or taken away. There are no gimmicks, palming, lapping, or heavy fudge-o moves.

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