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fizz |y|A5TE-R. R^ULLTTL - Get an apprentice Fizz Master to select any one of a six pack. Shake it up and put the fizz bomb into a bag, followed by the remaining five unshaken cans. Turn the bag around a few times to shuffle the cans...then take turns with your partner removing cans from the bag one at a time. First you hold a can near your face and "pull the trigger"...followed by your brave friend. Continue the suspense until just two cans remain. Give him one last chance to trade. It's his turn. He holds the can near his face...you hold the last can away from your body. He pulls the trigger and survives. A second later you explode your fizz bomb. There are numerous ways to set up the game: You can work it with six players, or all by yourself or anything in between. How you orchestrate the opening of the final can and who you do or don't spray with it has endless possibilities. Choose wisely.

• Fizz-Master Gary Beutler transfers the fizz by stacking the two cans, can-grenade on the bottom. The fizz then "naturally" rises from the bottom to the top.

• Beware of sun-warmed cans. The heat increases the pressure, dramatically affecting the compression-to-froth ratio.

• You can perform a minimal one-can version by simply vanishing the fizz.


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