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\/ ing Solomon was one of Las Vegas' most r-^ respected professional magicians. He left behind a charming wife whom he entrusted with the secrets of his magic. Mrs. Solomon has graciously consented, through the persuasive efforts of Gary Darwin, to release the secret of one of King's most cherished effects.

E-fFE-CT - The close-up entertainer amuses the crowd with the repeated vanish of a coin within the folds of a borrowed handkerchief. The amused crowd is then blown completely out of their socks by the surprise production of a full-sized mug of beer from under the folds of the handkerchief! Everyone puts their socks back on and has a drink.

COtiDITI^N6 - This effect is best performed in a bar or restaurant where glasses of beverages and pairs of socks are easily accessible.

6E-T-UP - When no one is looking, cram a half-filled glass or mug (mouth-up) into your left-rear pants pocket. If you insist on performing your close-up magic while seated, this effect is not for you.

5TE.P ¿?NE- - Drape a handkerchief over your left hand. Pretend to place a coin (or a borrowed thimble) onto your covered left hand, closing the handkerchief over it. Actually retain


the coin in your right hand. For some reason when a coin pass is performed with the distraction of a handkerchief, the illusion is especially strong Open your left fist to display the coin's vanish, then produce the coin from behind your right knee i>TE.P TWO - Repeat this sequence - allowing your left hand to casually drop to your left side as the coin is produced.

.5TEP TJ-IB.E.E. - As you reveal the coin's disappearance for the third time, secretly slide the glass out of your pocket by grasping it under the folds of the handkerchief. The misdirection for stealing the glass is perfect-due to your right hand going behind your right knee to produce the coin.

Draw attention to the handkerchief in your left hand and remove the handkerchief from the glass with your right. The glass of liquid's sudden appearance will be a total surprise to your audience!


' A bottle of beer or coke is more pocket-friendly than a mug.

* Many performers (including Mac King and Lance Burton) have pushed this priciple into the danger zone, focusing attention on the coin while using a napkin to boldly steal a glass or bottle directly off the table and then bravely reproducing it from the napkin.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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