PRJLPAR.A,Tl£?M - Persuade someone wearing red lipstick to kiss the face of a low-value card...leaving a big red kiss mark (or fake it with a red marker or a lips rubber in FIG. 1).

urfrtMtW-r*^ I



Place this card second from the face of the deck. The face card is an unmarked duplicate of the kiss card. Obtain a set of Halloween wax lips and place them in your left jacket pocket. If wax, candy or plastic lips aren't available, you might consider moving to a larger town.

plrf^E-MANCL -

5TE.P <?hJt - Request the help of a lady who has both an upper and a lower lip. After exchanging some witty repartee with your spectator, instruct her to throw a kiss in the general direction of your face. (If you can't evoke some humor out of this situation, you should turn in your laugh bag.) The deck is held face up from above by your right fingers -in position for a "one-handed top palm." The "kiss" side of the second card should be at the left side of the deck.

As the kiss is tossed, raise the deck to a position in front of your lips and execute the one-handed top palm (FIG. 2).

card of the pack. It really does look as though you caught the spectator's kiss! As this action is going on you've secretly obtained the wax lips from your pocket - holding them finger-paimed in your left fingers.

5TE-P TWlO - Immediately transfer the face-up deck to your left hand, concealing the wax lips (FIG. 3).

Pretend to slide the "kiss" off the face card -actually adding the duplicate palmed card to the face of the deck. Undercover of this sliding action steal the wax lips with your right fingers and thumb - closing around the lips as if you held the stolen kiss. See FIG. 4.

6TLP TilR-LL - Drop the deck in your pocket as you return the kiss to the spectator. Both sets of lips should now be quivering.

TlJL ¿?NL-LlAMDLD TOP PALM - Hold the deck face up from above by your right fingers -the first joint of your thumb at the inner end, and the top joints of your first three fingers at the deck's outer end. The tip of the little finger is resting on the outer right-hand corner (FIG. 5).

The tip of your little finger presses on the comer of the top card, pushing it slightly off the deck. Press the little finger down on the projecting corner to spring the card up into your right palm (FIG. 6).

Experiment with slight changes of grip until the palm can be executed smoothly.

piWitWe. -

LA6Y LIP6 - If you're not up to a one-hand top palm (which you'll eventually want to learn because it is the way to palm a card) you can still get some serious lip action by using a double-facer. Find a skinny store-bought double-facer or make your own by gluing two duplicate cards back to back (If you're good at peeling cards, you can make the real thing, but then you'll already have figured that out). Stick a kiss on one side of the double.

Conspire to get the gaffed card on the face of the deck so the non-lips side is showing (see "Free Rides" in Index) and conceal the vyax lips in your left fingers...which gets covered by the face-up deck.

Push off the top single card (the kiss card) and grasp it with your left fingers from above by it's sides. Lightly shake the card back and forth, then as the kiss is thrown "catch it" by instantly snapping over the card. Drop the lipped card onto the deck, rub the kiss with a finger, then re-grip the card by again grasping it from above by its sides with your right fingers.

Move your hands above a spectator's hands and as you do the same shake and snap action to vanish the kiss, allow the concealed solid lips to drop onto her palm. Yep, it's the old Han Ping Chien lip-switch, creating the illusion that the kiss mark popped off the card and turned into a 3D facsimile. You may be tempted to do a double lift to show the back of the top card. No one will care. Drop the deck in your pocket to ditch the card. If you want to keep the game alive do a pass to transform the fake body-part into a chocolate kiss and give it to your magic buddy as a tip for her lip service.

Anytime you flirt with an "intimate" effect like this you're flirting with danger, even with something as innocent as a friendly kiss. Be sensitive to the social setting, her perceptions of your intent and the psyche of any male friend she may be with. If you're not naturally gifted at finessing the emotional landscape you may end up having to palm someone's fist with your face.


Puring my tour of Japan I met many fine magicians. I admired their country, enjoyed their magic and attempted to eat their food. But during my stay I hadn't the foggiest notion of what anyone was talking about. Then along came Allan Okawa, a visiting magician from Hawaii, who had no idea of what anyone was talking about either.

As a result of this communication gap, Allan and I became fast friends and proceeded to talk each other's ear off. As the tour came to an end and we were about to go our separate ways Allan and I exchanged gifts, as is the custom in Japan. I presented Allan with an original Xerox of my lecture notes. Allan, overcome with emotion, bestowed upon me the following mini-masterpiece of cellophane sorcery.

E-pfE-CT - You offer a demonstration of bloodless surgery. Not wanting to upset the ladies, a box of cigarettes is used to represent the patient. You rip open the cellophane at the bottom of the box, poke a hole into the exposed box, and extract a cigarette (representing a section of anatomy). You touch your fingers to the wounded box, utter the magic words "Surgeon General," then toss out the cigarette box for examination. The wound has completely healed, the torn cellophane has been restored, the operation is a success!

PREPARATION - Obtain a pack of cigarettes and remove the top portion of cellophane in the standard fashion. This is the same condition in which you'll find any opened pack of smokes. Extract a cigarette.

Slide the cellophane shell so it extends just beyond the sealed end of the box (FIG. 1 ). Then slide the cellophane shell around the side of the box a quarter-turn so that the cellophane at the bottom end is flared out (FIG 2). The easiest way to do this is to hold the non-cellophane surface of the box in your left fingers, while your right fingers gently twist the cellophane shell to create the flaps.

Slide the cellophane shell back down so it's snug against the bottom of the box (FIG. 3). Fold the two flared flaps down against the box's bottom so that they appear exactly like the cellophane does in its normal sealed condition (FIG. 4).

Hold the pack from above with your right fingers. The disguised cellophane at the inner end is held in place with your right thumb (FIG. 5).

This prepared position can be arrived at in full view of the audience if proper care is taken, although I prefer to wait until the audience's attention is elsewhere.

¿TELP ¿?NEL - Secretly get the extra cigarette finger palmed in your left hand, then start your talk about bloodless surgery. Grasp the box from below with your left hand (FIG. 6).

The box will conceal the extra cigarette. Leaving your right thumb in position over the inner end of the box, move your right fingers to the inner end and pretend to break open the cellophane seal. Actually you just unfold the flared-out cellophane which you had previously folded (FIG. 7).

5TE.P T\Vi0 - Sharply tap your right forefinger tip against the "unsealed" inner end of the box as if creating a hole. Grasp the box at its inner end with your right thumb below and your fingers above, and extract the cigarette
Teter Creek Lake

end of the box between your right thumb on top and right fingers below. Holding the box in position, twist your left hand to the right, sliding the cellophane wrapper with it, positioning the left hand palm down on the front surface of the box (FIG. 9).

Stroke your left fingers along the inner end of the box, then hand it out for examination.

- For an added touch of realism, Eric does the fake tear with his teeth...and then pretends to spit out a bit of cellophane.

• The Jennings Moment: Larry Jennings has created a glorious moment where the spectator actually feels the cellophane slowly heal itself. I don't want to limit your thinking by saying that this is the perfect best way to end this...but I'm secretly whispering the thought to myself.

Direct your spectator to hold out a palm-down hand. Your right hand holds the box under her hand so that the "torn" edges of the cellophane touch her palm. Gently stroke the edges against her palm as your right fingers secretly twist the cellophane shell back into its normal position. She will feel the torn edges gradually flatten out and blend into a smooth tight surface onto the end of the box. It takes a definite knack to do the one-handed cellophane twist. While you're acquiring this skill you can fake it by using both hands to hold the box under the spectator's palm.

ELITELCT - The cheerleaders have just finished their special tribute to Slydini by secretly sitting in each other's laps. The magic groupies are comfortably seated on the tiered benches of the intimate Dodger Stadium Close-Up Gallery, And the souvenir "Paul Harris - It's Love at First Sleight" T-shirts have been distributed amongst the eager women in the crowd. The lights dim, the "No Shuffling" sign flashes on, and the featured close-up entertainer makes his long-awaited entrance.

The gallery goes quiet as the star performer adjusts his official Jimmy Grippo Bow Tie and smiles his very best Siegfried and Roy Super Star Smile. He confidently breaks the seal on a fresh pack of cards when Disaster Strikes - Our favorite close-up entertainer has just discovered that one of his jealous competitors has fiendishly switched in a useless pack of Pinochle cards. What a bummer! Has this Deft Demonstrator of Digital Daring been De-throned as Premier Prince of the Pasteboards?

Will our Creative Cardician's Colorful Career be Canceled by this Catastrophic Close-up Calamity?? The ugly answer is Yes!!! - Unless our Card-Trick-Boy has had the good sense to study the sacred unprincipled principles of "The Pinochle Solution."

PLR.F^R.MANIcTE. _ without letting your audience know that something is amiss, casually invite 52 spectators to sit at the close-up table - helping to make the act look big. This mob of fifty-two people will now represent the fifty-two cards of a normal deck! What better way to get an audience really involved than to let them play the role of an actual deck of cards? This bold subtlety is probably the last word in audience participation effects - and is definitely the ultimate solution to the problem of performing impromptu card magic when a legitimate deck is not available.

For the close-up entertainer interested in gaffed cards. "The Pinochle Solution" shows us how a simple double-backer can be constructed by sticking two close friends face-to-face.

Just think of the fun you can have with this lively "P.S." deck. The "PS. Bottom Palm," in addition to being simple to perform, is a great way to meet people. The "P.S. Top Change" is sure to get you the attention of the ladies. And your performance of the "P.S. Torn and Restored Card" will be well worth the minor inconvenience of having to spend the rest of your life in prison.

For your final effect, one of the P.S. cards freely selects itself and returns to the deck. The pack is then shuffled by a spectator who possesses larger-than-average hands, whereupon you, the performer, command the self-selected card to find itself. When the selected card discovers her true identity, you immediately charge her a five hundred dollar fee for finding herself, proving once and for all that the art of close-up can be a profitable and rewarding career.

• This is yet another tragic example of what happens when a young author is allowed to publish anything he feels like.

• You could actually do a practical fifty-two-people deck effect by taking the "Perfect Ten Paper Clip Mystery," (see Index) and performing it with people instead of paper clips.

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