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The performer brings up a married couple and introduces a 'Lover's Voodoo Doll'. This special voodoo doll is covered with words; attributes, goals and events that everyone wants (or doesn't want, as the case may be) and happen to all of us. Things like ecstasy, find gold, stop smoking, happiness, impotence, find keys, lose weight, marriage, win at track, flat tire, etc. Also introduced are five small pins with different colored heads on them. A sealed envelope on the table completes the set up.

The performer explains that this is a lover's voodoo doll and each partner is going to get a chance to cast a spell on the other. The wife gets to go first. She selects any pin she wants and pushes it into any word on the doll that pleases her. The husband goes next and so on, until all five pins have been used. There is obvious room for much byplay here depending on the couple's reaction to each other's selections and so forth.

Let's suppose that the pins are stuck into the following words -

Red pin - happiness

Black pin-kittens

Blue pin - busted

White pin - car towed

Green pin - start smoking

The performer than tells the audience that this couples selections of spells tells a lot about them. Again there is much room for fun and comedy here. The envelope is opened. Inside are two slips of paper. The larger of the two is opened and read aloud as follows.

'Thank you lor playing our Lover's Voodoo game. Here is what each pin and the word thai was selected by it mean:

Red pin - This is what this person wants most in the kitchen (in this case, happiness)

Black pin - This is what this person wants most in the garage (kittens)

Blue pin - This is what this person wants most in the bathroom (busted)

White pin - This is what this person wants most in the living room (car towed)

Green pin - This is what this person wants most in the bedroom (start smoking)

But there's more to it than just that. 1 had a feeling about what you wanted most in the bedroom. Open the other slip and read what 1 saw for you."

The other, smaller slip is opened and it says the words 'start smoking'!

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