What Kinds of Stories Do I Read to My Lover

What kinds of stories do you read to your lover?

Read the stories that your lover selects. Take a trip with you lover to bookstores or children's toy stores.

Take your time and pick out books that you would read to your child. Usually children's books will have some kind of moral or lesson to teach. Those will be fine. If children's books aren't of interest to you, perhaps autobiographies of great people, stories from the Chicken Soup of the Soul series, or stories of miracles or people achieving success regardless of the odds they face.

Stories of victory are great when they are the last information source to enter your brain.

Too often, people will listen to the news before going to bed. They are bombarded by horrible events. These horrible events can trigger restless sleep and even nightmares.

Find books that have a positive meaning to them. Your short-term memory won't always be activated as these stories are being read to you. However, the information will be stored in long-term memory and will effect your behavior in a positive way.

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Hypnotherapy Healing

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