Read Me A Story Please Plan D

Plan D is the best one because you get to pick your own hypnosis induction. I also call Plan D, the daily plan because you can change the induction every single day. Your lover can change his/her daily plan when hypnotizing you as well.

As I state before in Chapter 1 and as I describe further in my first book, How To Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind, a hypnotic induction is just a formal ceremony to get your conscious and subconscious minds alert that hypnosis is coming soon. It cues your brain to start working on the suggestions given with more concentration than you give in normal conversation.

Does it really make a difference what words you are using during the formal induction "ceremony?"

For over 20 years, I have developed a surefire technique to keep both lovers interested and focused on giving hypnotic inductions to each other.

The method I use to give a great hypnotic induction before nighttime sleep is by reading stories.

Think about it. Remember when you were a small child. Your Mother or Father or perhaps another caregiver would read you a story. Many times this was from a storybook with pictures, sometimes the books had no pictures and you would have to create pictures with your imagination.

Remember the feelings you had while you were being read to your parents or caregivers? Did you feel safe? Did you feel secure? Did you feel loved?

In working with clients over the past 20 years, I have found that even in abusive families, there was a time when a parent would read to the child and at that time the child felt safe.

As we grow up, we want to feel independent and ask not to be read to anymore. We go through life looking for a safe, secure environment. We are looking for an environment filled with loved.

What better way to find that kind of environment then to co-create that environment with our lover?

You and your lover will be highly motivated to read bedtime stories to each other.

As your lover is reading to you, a powerful subconscious mind will associate the reading with the reading by your parents or caregivers.

Your subconscious mind will bring back the feelings of security, safety and love.

What a wonderful way to communicate with your lover! You may vary the stories each day. This way you have 365 different inductions at your convenience.

Does this make sense to you?

Using Hypnosis To Achieve Mental Mastery

Using Hypnosis To Achieve Mental Mastery

Hypnosis is a capital instrument for relaxation and alleviating stress. It helps calm down both the brain and body, giving a useful rest. All the same it can be rather costly to hire a clinical hypnotherapist, and we might not always want one around when we would like to destress.

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