How To Write A Powerful Hypnotic Prescription

"I can't look in his eyes," stated the Associated Students President as she introduced me before my Concert of Stage Hypnotism at a small Illinois college.

This was my first college audience with many psychology students and even a psychology professor in attendance. I was thinking how strange it is to mention hypnosis with these learned men and women. These learned men and women are fearful and think I have some strange powers over people, with the use of my eyes. Why do people have this prejudice about hypnotism and eyes?

Eyes have always been a significant part of the hypnosis process. What is the connection the eyes and hypnosis? The sense of "sight" acts as a metaphor for hypnosis.

At the count of three, look up from this book. Scan your eyes around the room, keeping a finger on your place in this book. Then focus your attention on one object on the other side of your room. Focus on this object for about ten seconds and then start reading the book again. All right, one, two, and three, look, scan and focus.

Well, that was fun. Did you notice as you scan around your room all the different objects? Did you notice different textures, sizes, shapes, form, mass, and colors? As you focused on one object did you notice what happened? Other objects, shapes, sizes, form, mass, and colors go out of focus. They recede into the background. They don't seem quite as distinct or as important anymore. This experience, the experience of sight is just like hypnosis.

With hypnosis you focus your attention so much on a central word, thought or idea that the rest of the world goes out of focus. You don't really notice or care that much about what else is going on around you. You know that people are talking or that things are happening but they aren't as important as the ideas your are concentrating on at the time. With hypnosis you don't need your eyes open at the beginning of the induction in order for it to work. Later in this chapter you will learn how to hypnotize yourself with an Eyes-Closed Induction. It will be fun!

Power Of Hypnosis

Power Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is something most people see as being some kind of new age mumbo jumbo, but it's actually been scientifically to be effective in many people. Learn more within this guide.

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