Pacing and Patter

ptfltnf and BurtItm -307 pacing and Audienco Participation 312

Striking a Balance

Chapter Seventeen: Immediacy

Planned Spontaneity

Induced Responses

Special Effects

Audience Interaction

Situational Meaning

Chapter Eighteen: Attention Control w

Tools of Attention Control

Directional Misdirection

Intensity Misdirection

Distractions 33g

Chapter Nineteen: Audiences

Attention Span

Size 342

Magicians 346

Chapter Twenty: Assistants 34g

The Importance of Assistants 348

Qualities of a Good Assistant 349

One Assistant or Two? 350

Who Chooses? 351

Choosing an Assistant 352

Getting Them Up 353

Chapter Twenty-One: Hecklers 356

The Psychology of Heckling 355

Theorizing J58



The Challenge Attitude J™

Interrupting 36ß

Getting Nailed gß6

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Unexpected a6ß

Practice and Rehearsal «gg

Screw-Ups 370

Debriefing 371

Unforeseen Distractions

0 0

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