Why did the host respond m diflferentlv , ,. different occasions? Because thov „ y to ">e sam people. The TV host knew tha^ GeUeT Z

had been tested by scientists. Therefee "h 8 **■>«£ 4> as genuine psyehic phenomena. He l^hJ^i magician. Therefore, he saw his".,!' Ww »at fi Because v„„r persona will aLt yo^TuT ^ ° t"' affect what they see when you perform alt?" * ^St,


Character And Audience ,„.

Finally, we come to the single most important re a performing character will be worth eve™" reason why dev.. When you perform for an audience, you wTn^1"' y°U ^V1 You want then, to be interested. kmeX «.Q

People are more interested in people thanTn I «S

You are the peieon >t ^ center of eve, want them to care about your performance vX ^ " ■ care about you. me> "e got to get thCln ™

It's often said in magic that if they like you they'll think dus notton is far too simple-minded (Afer ^7™ " any other facet of life. How many times hiv V" 'Sn'1 t™» describe another by saying, tt^L

hes doing" ?) Il true, however that if», d°emifa,o„ ,h„ they will be interested m your perfol!! .7,^° i"?'raW » a person, you'll find it CSri^^™'«»»« interest in what you're doijig^ ** 'h™ Work "P «■»

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