taken a big step in the right direction As soon that the fact that a trick fooled you doesn't n "" y°U 8ta« to good trick and the fact that a trick didn't fool **

mean it's a bad trick, you'll have taken a bi„ . direction, ® st&P in the' ■



The key to developing a commercial sense is jeami„ t. reactions. In order to learn from audience react™ ™ "«ens. not.ce that reaction and, secondly, properly inte^ret J°U fcusl C The first step, noticing that the audience has reacted would seem easy enough, but many mancians seen, S0Dle »aj remember once sitting in a bar with a magSanThr?abIe of* I me how much "fun" hed been havingperforSVI Startel * Fooled Houdini. ' This is the Ambitious 3T° ^ double-backed card. Since this "">■

over pure sleight-of-hand versions, fj™''

then offered to show me what a strong trick ^t^vas rn standard amateur-magican fashion he turned ,„ rl. sitting next to him, a man and „„„ ^ the strange«

conversation, pulled out a d"ck of card, , ' mtrUded m **

of .he deck (the doubMacker) and id a d u Under ">» «hat the card had jumped o the to " Tht^ tU™w However, when he repeated the nr J- I "" reacted "«1

backer and asked to "ee 7hat . WT ™ ^ the *"">'-

thatit was a double-backerTut d7 ^ d°ubt' sh<= didn't suspect the ambitious card.) suspeot that« "as a duplicate of

The magician brushed anid» i, continued with the trick From tiT"81 Wlth SOme ^fc-talk and interest in the effect Her fcTZ m°ment °n■ the Ionian lost all paid any attention as the mj^ 3 St0ny mask and »he barelv another half-do^ times WhenTf'^ C8ld rise ** Without comment and resumed k ' „ % fil™hed she turned away 1 expected that the marici,™ ,?™ersati™ »«h her companion excuses for why the T Wt me with a °f with a broad smile and said See it t i^at In6'eai' to me

-itten on the woman's C^ S^? ^ failed to see the boredom ftiumaTr™ he ^fused her 4 She tokrated the

Presumably, he was having tool ^?Uest 'tie top card, notice that no one else w J ha^Tny ^ the Lk to

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