important reason for underplaying. The subtextu l to convey with incidental effects is that such" e88aBe y0 second nature to you; they happen so often yo "n.pQfiS|hiiit," N notice. lar% t^J a"

In my "Nine-Card Location" from Darwin Ortiz at ^

use an idea of Eddie Fechter's. Before revealing each a Fard Ibk, the spectator name his card. At one point I will t|ectiori I h^1 spectator and say. "Your card was the seven of what?-10 'he spectator tells me that it was the seven of clubs my onl tL

'That's the one I always forget." The implication is th-knew the names of all nine selections all along. If i m.j actuali., about revealing my knowledge of the spectator's 6 3 !?8 ^a! imphcation would be lost. Card. thai

Underselling Sucker Effects: A situation where unders lr particularly valuable is in effects that contain a "sucker" elem -is can remove any potential sting from the climax of such an eff ^ underplaying. This allows the audience to enjoy the magical «un without feeling that they're having their noses rubbed in the fa tft* they were suckered in. at

One example should make the point. In "Darwin's Three-Card Monte" from Daruiin Ortiz at the Card Table, I conclude with the bent-corner ploy. Apparently unbeknown to me, the winning card ha; a bent corner. When the spectator points to this card, I appear to notice the bend. My only comment is, "This card is bent!" In the act of casually removing the bend from the corner of the card I, quite incidentally, expose the face of the card to the audience. When they see that it's now one of the losing cards, the reaction is always tremendous. A more emphatic handling of this revelation might convey a sense of gloating; this would detract from the audience completely enjoying the amazing thing that has just happened. Underselling is definitely not the approach to use in all, or even most, of your tricks. But in the right place it can be very effective. Experiment with the idea of underplaying the climax and I'm sure you'll find a number of spots in your magic where you can use it to good advantage.

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