imper-vious to any kind of injury-, that he can swim t. lava and knives just bounce off his body. But then y0u ^

how he cuts Ins hatr and fingernails Wouldn't the ad^J?* You made the rules: you ve got to hve by them. (As any ffQ. fan knows. Superman s hair and nails don't grow " ^ atmosphere.) n Eanhs

Similarly, you can tell an audience that the selected r . disappearing because they're being swallowed by the fo^8 balistic kings. But you can't conclude the trick by then pj, selected cards out of your pocket. To reproduce the select) tfcf making the kings regurgitate them would be internally consign kj reproduce them from a sealed envelope in your wallet would not 10 Flaws of this kind, which we might term thematic discrepant bad because they remind the audience that they're not SeeinE' ^ magic—it's only a trick—in the same way that an anachronism ? film reminds the audience that "it's only a movie." Both interfere »fyj emotional belief.

Matching Presentation and Effect: It really isn't all that difficult to come up with a strong presentational theme. However, coming Up with a strong presentational theme that fits the effect in question ig another matter. Credibility problems generally arise from a mismatch between presentation and effect. If you really want to reproduce the vanished cards from an envelope in your wallet, then the cannibal theme is simply not the most appropriate presentation. There is nothing wrong with cutting to four of a kind, just don't talk about Las Vegas blackjack dealers when you do it. If the Marx Brothers theme doesn't fit the effect, change either the effect or the theme, don't make absurd claims about the career of the Marx Brothers.

In one of Don Albrecht's great cartoons poking fun at magicians, he shows a bearded, turbaned conjuror presenting the Sponge Bunnies trick using occult patter. We've already seen that occult presentations can be great. But in this case nobody's going to buy it. Remember, what you say in your patter doesn't have to be true, but it does have to be believable. (Sort of like the policy followed by the Nixon administration.)

Always seek to fashion a presentation that is not only substantively meaningful, but that also fits the effect like a glove. Then develop that presentation logically throughout the effect, don't abandon the presentation halfway through the trick. What the audience sees and what it hears must seem completely compatible. This isn't easy W achieve. It requires hard thinking and creativity. But it's essential if be presentation is to enhance the effect rather than just seem irrelevant or silly and embarrassing.

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