thin others. In magic, the degree of im„ , determined by the desree «f „„ '"Possibility makmg one card in the deck change color, " «

that « would be easy ascending order of strength. In praÎt^ Perf*m tt, easier to use it as an opener, - - .. u

Working things out w tlla, £he follow the easiest path or the most^f^ctive *» «¡?t weaker MC, more f £ ZZ^TZ^

TouU find it stressed m 0i aU rules.

WdCovered it from mOTe' professional and_valleys to tl]e ^ .art^ezpenence. Leave the peat

^ PProach is build, BUiLD, fy now yo„ _ J11* C'°Ser app^el ^' tafef60' * strongest well. ThP fl!„nd,hatlWokmdsnr.rI''1ff;eratr<!nien<Ious burst of

Suspense £ with ^«"chieve that part,cularly pressure to the I PfeS8u'= in the anH? B suspense buildup. ^t°thetunItEhenralM6J auAence. When you push that

W1th a strong climax you usually

, , £ explosive applause you want at the end of your . tlie kind 01 ' get)•">'

•ct' A of effect that works particularly well as a closer is a

The other kino ^ climaI of thc trick la stiongsr than any sult«.lB-l""a.Xn then on top of you can quickly pile one previous tf»« ^^ stronger than the one before, you create a

„, two n,me CatinE interest curve right at the end of the performance "^mdrive the audience to a strong response. that V else I've found useful is to announce just before the closer Something tric]( All it takes ia a casual comment like, "Let that it wui oe ^ ^ „ ^ „Foi my las, ,ri[:k j.m going t0 need

« show you ^^ ^ audience to the fact that if they've got any "luse they've been holding back, this next one is the time to give it Wp ou They should show their appreciation, not only for this particular trick, but for the entire performance.

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