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By Troy D. Cherry, BA

s the term "Christian magician" an oxymoron? Believe it or not, there are some who would answer with a resounding "Yes!" My first experience with such an individual had me thinking quick on my feet when I was bombarded with the questions, "Would you let your kids 1 watch Harry Potter? Are you going to feel responsible when they start acting ' out the parts? Isn't magic just another | form of sorcery?" I remembered thinking to myself, "Just because I would , I shoot my friends with toy water pistols when I was young didn't mean I was bound to be a bank robber when I grew lup." But I could see her point. If God oes have a problem with such things s murder, sexual conduct, and in this ase, sorcery, is it moral to pretend to o these things? Perhaps the tough-st question is why we would condone retending to do sorcery, but we would kely have a problem pretending to, y, molest a child. It makes you won-how much entertainment really is the standard by which we justify or condemn.

I have to admit, as a person who enjoys seeing the impossible made possible, this topic haunted me for quite sometime as I was faced with the apparent moral dilemma: Am I condon-

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