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Smoke Free In One Hour

Joan Chionilos is the person behind the smoke free in one hour program. She has been a hypnotherapist for more than 18 years. She has been certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, which is the oldest and largest association of hypnotherapists you can find in the world, so she can be trusted. She has dedicated her entire career to helping people quit smoking for good with the use of hypnosis. With her expertise in hypnotherapy, you should expect nothing but results when you purchase her product. Her methods has helped lots of people all around the world quit smoking for good, your case will not be different. This is a digital product that contains one hour of professional hypnosis recording. Smoke free in one hour is an effective one-hour stop smoking hypnosis session. This hypnosis session works to eliminate your cigarette cravings at the same time it increases your willpower. It is available online for download for you to use at home. It is very easy to use. This program has been designed for anyone who is ready to quit smoking once and for all. All you need to do is to get comfortable, sit back, relax and listen to this recording. You will not regret your decision. Continue reading...

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Stop Smoking With EFT

The program was created by Joe who took a period of more than 18 months to finalize the whole work with over 6 months live exposure to real smokers. Within this period, over 120 full length EFT scripts were created. The product is actually going to describe how smoking cigarettes can move from being an addiction to being a subconscious activity. The program helps you understand why it is difficult to quit smoking and what you can do to ensure that you can tackle the problem with just changing the way you think. The Emotional Freedom Technique has proven to be one of the best methods of helping you quit smoking. The program will also help you detach from the feelings of anxiety, stress and depression that you are likely to experience as you are trying to quit. According to the author, the program can release any negative thoughts that we have in our subconscious mind. EFT is specifically created targeting smokers. It is a very informative program with step by step guide which is likely to help smokers quit smoking and enjoy their live on a whole different perspective. Quit smoking with EFT targets all smokers regardless of their gender and age. Breaking the bonds between you and the smoke can be challenging. This is a downloadable product that is available in PDF format. There are some of the contents that are available in downloadable MP3 formats. Continue reading...

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Easyquit System

Quit Smoking Quickly And Easily, Without Cravings Or Willpower! Amazing New System Destroys A Smokers Will To Smoke. This solution is guaranteed to show you everything you need to quit smoking without any of the usual hardships. You will not suffer from a sense of loss you will not miss smoking at all! You will not suffer from hunger. You will not suffer from uncontrollable eating binges there will be no weight gain! You will not need to motivate yourself every day. You will not need to prepare a smokers diary You will not have to draw up an action plan or do any preparation work! You will not have to set a quit date to get nervous about! You will not have to avoid social occassions I promise you could quit and go to a party straight away! You will not have to do breathing exercises to overcome cravings. You will not have to take any medicines, gums or use any nicotine replacement products. You will not require any so-called will-power You will not have to drink water every 10 minutes to beat cravings! Continue reading...

Easyquit System Summary

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Cigar Smokers

Cigars have always been used as a means of displaying superiority because of their cost and size. The big-time business executive, the gang leader and people in high-status positions often smoke cigars. Cigars are used to celebrate a victory or achievement such as the birth of a baby, a wedding, clinching a business deal or winning the lottery. It is not surprising that most of the smoke exhaled by cigar smokers is upwards. I recently attended a celebration dinner where cigars were distributed freely and it was interesting to note that of 400 recorded cigar smoke exhalations, 320 were in an upward direction.

Pipe Smokers

Pipe smokers perform a cleaning, lighting, tapping, filling, packing and puffing ritual with their pipes and this is a very useful way to help relieve tension when they are under pressure. Sales research has shown that pipe smokers usually take longer to make a decision to buy than do cigarette smokers or non-smokers and that the pipe ritual is performed most often during the tense moments. of the sales interview. Pipe smokers, it seems, are people who like to stall decision-making and who can do so in an unobtrusive and socially acceptable way. If you want a quick decision from a pipe smoker, hide his pipe before the interview.

General Smoking Signals

The continual tapping of a cigar or cigarette end on the ashtray shows that an inner conflict is taking place and that you may need to reassure the smoker. Here, too, is an interesting smoking phenomenon. Most smokers smoke their cigarette down to a certain length before extinguishing it in the ashtray. If the smoker lights a cigarette and suddenly extinguishes it earlier than he normally would, he has signalled his decision to terminate the conversation. Watching for this termination signal can allow you to take control or to close the conversation, making it appear that it was your idea to end it.

Gestures With Glasses

Desmond Morris says that the act of putting objects against the lips or in the mouth is a momentary attempt by the person to relive the security he experienced as a baby at his mother's breast, which means that glasses-in-mouth is essentially a reassurance gesture. Smokers use their cigarettes for the same reason, and the child sucks his thumb.

This Should End The Burling Hull Matter

Such an implement of mystery is not secured secretly, but actually and openly shown, the cigarette inserted, and It's gone I This is a very excellent v.inlsher and is nothing more or less than a regular short-size cigarette holder as used by many smokers, and which may be obtained from any tobacco store. With a piece of elastic, you thread the holder through the stem, tie a knot to the end of the elastic which enters the channel-cup, and the other end to a safety-pin. Place this in your favorite position under the coat so that it can be easily obtained, but try to make this move appear as though it is coming out of your pocket when produced,

Posthypnotic suggestions

Finally there is a small class of people who will respond but will be unaware of having done so and will deny it if challenged. What Of course I did not clear my throat. I should know This is not very likely to happen when we are making the suggestion in the simple direct ways suggested so far, but it could happen. I was once trying to get a client to stop smoking. He seemed to respond well to most things in the session and so I was very disappointed when he reported the next week that there had been no reduction in his smoking. However I learned later from his wife that in fact he had cut down dramatically So although I had had a strong effect it seems that a part of his brain was denying it steadfastly.

Words can trigger pictures in your mind

As another example of a similar thing, think of the way in which in some people it is possible using hypnotic techniques to help them to overcome an unwanted habit of smoking by connecting the thought or smell or taste of tobacco smoke with the activation of the nausea response. The very sight or smell of a cigarette will make you sick. This can be made so clear and strong in some people that it is more than enough to ensure that they stop smoking. It should be clear that the creation of such a connection is very similar to the sort of thing that you have already explored in this section. You might perhaps say to a friend who smokes. Experience as clearly as possible the most significant aspect of smoking to you. (For some it would be a picture, for others a taste or a smell, or the sense of holding one in fingers or mouth, or of the feeling in throat, or lungs or body.) Then just notice if this leads to a sensation of nausea. You then need only say enough to keep their minds on the...

Reveen Look into my eyes

Then, with 20 people hypnotized and immobile behind him, he takes the opportunity to make a plug for his three self-help CDs, designed to help you relax, gain confidence, or quit smoking. Dressed in a matching tuxedo and sequined vest, his wife stands beside him, holding up the aforementioned items like a Price is Right hostess.


Ask for a volunteer and perform the trick along the lines that many smokers don't realise how powerful the tar is in cigarettes, it can penetrate through the body much further than we realise. Another nice little comedy element you might use in the routine is to ask someone if they have a packet of cigarettes. When you are shown the pack, tell the owner you are going to turn the pack into a cigarette lighter. Take one cigarette out, pass the pack back and say, now it is a cigarette lighter

Smoking Gestures

Smoking is an outward manifestation of an inner turmoil or conflict and has little to do with nicotine addiction. It is one of the displacement activities that people in today's high-pressure society use to release the tensions that build up from social and business encounters. For example, most people experience inner tension while waiting outside the dentist's surgery to have a tooth removed. While a smoker will cover up his anxiety by smoking, non-smokers perform other rituals such as grooming, nail biting, finger and foot tapping, cufflink adjusting, head scratching, taking a ring off and putting it back on, playing with a tie and demonstrating numerous other gestures that tell us the person needs reassurance.

Never Inhaled

A few years ago, I had to follow Tom Mullica in three close-up rooms at a Wizards Weekend convention in Minneapolis. Tom vowed that he wasn't going to do his world famous Nicotine Nincompoop routine (better known as The Trick Where the Guy Eats All the Cigarettes and the Paper Napkins, and Where the Hell Do they All Go, Anyway ), and I figured that if Tom dropped this routine I had a chance of making it through the afternoon alive. But, of course, during the heat of performance, and spurned on by the gales of laughter coming from the audience, Tom incorporated the Nincompoop routine into his outrageous handling of The Card in the Mouth. The memory of walking into those rooms and seeing an audience completely drained from laughter and bewilderment stays with me. It's the stuff that bad dreams are made of. The wonderful book Show-Time at the Tom Foolery by Richard Kaufman contains the methods for most of Tom's devastating routines. But withheld from that book was the method for The...


The performer brings up a married couple and introduces a 'Lover's Voodoo Doll'. This special voodoo doll is covered with words attributes, goals and events that everyone wants (or doesn't want, as the case may be) and happen to all of us. Things like ecstasy, find gold, stop smoking, happiness, impotence, find keys, lose weight, marriage, win at track, flat tire, etc. Also introduced are five small pins with different colored heads on them. A sealed envelope on the table completes the set up. Green pin - start smoking Green pin - This is what this person wants most in the bedroom (start smoking) The other, smaller slip is opened and it says the words 'start smoking'

Hand Reading

A general introductory comment will open the way to looking at the hands of the person. You might notice how they extend the hands and associated gestures. Examine the hands generally first. Are they weathered, roughened by harsh detergents, well manicured Are there calluses and what might they indicate Smokers stains, rings, warm and relaxed or cold and tense. Are there ring marks or rings What kind Flashy Old-fashioned or of possible sentimental value A birthstone perhaps Expensive or costume Can you see the watch What does that tell you Are the cuffs frayed Is the hand relaxed and easy to turn or bend, or is it relatively stiff


In this location, identify a behavior that the person wants to do, but does not do (e.g., to stop smoking). their desired outcome. How else could you feel relaxed and nurtured and still stop smoking As they notice the submodal-ities of each stale, have them fine tune and adjust them with the submodality codings of the highest experience.


Seriously, I have seen this kind of material worked by other performers in places like singles bars and stag smokers and it has been successful. The key to deciding whether to do blue material is sensitivity to the audience and the performer's own confidence in the material. If the performer is comfortable with the material and if the audience is comfortable with it, then more than likely it is appropriate. The important thing is that the performer learn to read the audience and to know what is acceptable to them.

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