The Rating System

X-RATED The X-RATED shows will contain both language XRATED and skits of a sexual nature. This type of a show is not performed with children in the audience. NOTE: There are very few locations where an X-Rated show is appropriate. The thought to always keep in mind is "Never offend the audience or your volunteers."

R-RATED The R-Rated shows may contain some language and skits that are not suitable for children, but will not be offensive to most adults. This is a typical show that may be performed at a night club, or convention.

PG-RATED The PG-Rated shows are conducted in such a manner that any material that may have been objected to delivered in an g direct manner. This type of show is suitable for teenagers as well as adults. The PG-RATED show are ideal for high school functions.

G-RATED The G-RATED shows are acceptable, and enjoyable for any age group. Even children as young as 7 or S will enjoy this type of performance. The G-Rated show has also been proven to be very successful for church groups, school functions, and some conventions.

It is advisable to have your skits categorized by the rating system so that the prospective client will understand the type of show that will be conducted. The entertainer will learn how to effectively use many of the same skits for any one of the four rating Systems.

The following is an example of taking the same skit from a GRated show all the way to an X-Rated show.

G-RATED On the count of three you are going to see a movie with several Walt Disney characters in it. This movie will be so funny that you will laugh out loud.

PG-RATED On the count of three you will see a movie with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Minnie is going to be yelling at Mickey for staying out to late. Minnie thinks that Mickey has been out mousing around.

R-RATED On the count of three you are going to see a funny movie with Mickey and

Minnie Mouse. The funny part of this movie is that Mickey is going to be trying to get Minnie into bed with him.

X-RATED On the count of three you are going to see a very funny and strange movie. This is going to be a movie with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Mickey is screwing the hell out of Minnie, and she is having a mouse organism.

It is now easy to see how once we have a skit, it can be altered to accommodate almost any type of an audience.

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