The Actor

The actor is the person that is really not under hypnosis, but is pretending to be hypnotized. The actor can be divided into one of two categories.

The first he or she is not there to disrupt your show, but rather than being turned away they are cooperating with every suggestion. There will be many times when the actor by pretending to be hypnotized will actually slip into a hypnotic state. We have all heard that if you pretend something long enough, it becomes a reality.

The second positive effective of this type of actor is that he or she may stimulate other volunteers in responses.

The type of actor to dismiss without exception is the one that is there to disrupt the show. This individual will over exaggerate each suggestion.

This person if left on stage will either open their eyes and wave at the audience while your back is turned, or will try to embarrass you during one of the skits by standing up and saying I was never hypnotized, and then walking off the stage.

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