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The second way of increasing your response from volunteers is giving a REWARD. The reward does not have to be financial. A statement that you are going to give hypnotic suggestions for self confidence can be reward enough.

A book, tape, or other prize to the individuals that turns out to be the star of the show will serve two separate purposes.

The enticement of a prize will increase the amount of participants that you have on stage.

It has also been proven that the prize can start a friendly competition between the volunteers on stage to see who will be selected as the star of the show.

Imagine a group of twelve volunteers all striving to be selected as the star of the show.

When giving a single prize BEWARE of the individual(s) that may be faking hypnosis in order to win the prize. These types of people will be discussed on the following page.

The third technique is to reinforce the thought that the more intelligent a person is the better they will respond. This technique will also improve the number of volunteers while insuring the proper responses.

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