Note The Key To Any Type Of Hypnotic Induction Is For The Subject To Be Willing To Enter Hypnosis

With the subject standing with both feet together, arms limp their sides.

Hypnotist places his left hand on the subjects right shoulder, near the neck.

I want you to look right at me. Are you ready to go into a hypnotic sleep? (MUST BE A YES RESPONSE)

I am going to count from 5 down to 1. On the count of 1 your eyes will close and your whole body will become loose and limp. Have no fear of falling I will catch you.

Five the eyes are beginning to close. Four, on the count of 1 let the eyes close and the whole body relax. Three, the eyes are beginning to close. Two, get ready, almost there, want it to happen, watch it happen, feel it happening. One, eyes closing down now. SLEEP.

NOTE: The very second that the eyes close give the COMMAND sleep while pulling the subject forward, causing them to loose their balance. Be prepared to catch the subject, and lower them to the floor or a chair.

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