As you continue sitting there in this pleasant darkness, You find that you can look back into this darkness further, and further. You have the ability to escape outside sounds and noises by going deeper than then.

The darkness will now begin to change. As the darkness begins to change, you will relax even deeper than you have before.

This change will be noticeable in a visual way. The chance may begin with colors. Many people report a variety of colors. This visual change might be as simple as shading. You may experience a sensation of light and then darkness.

Regardless of whether the change is a color, an image, or darkness the chance will begin.

Each time your subconscious mind encounters a change, you will a feel yourself relaxing deeper.

This deeper relaxation will be a wonderful sensation that you will look forward to. You are now looking for these visual changes so that you can relax even deeper, and enjoy it even more.

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