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I sometimes use the previous situation to turn one spectator into a Mind Reader without his being any the wiser as to how he's doing it.

Using exactly the same handling described in 'Fish Fry for Two', I specifically ask one spectator to watch the cards, as they will read the thoughts of the other spectator. I perform the Spread Force as described above, bringing the thought-of card to the face of the pack. I then announce that Sue will read Jim's thoughts.

I've glanced at the face card of the pack, so I know what the card is. In the act of performing the Spread Force, Sue is left with the impression of the "force" card, although she isn't really aware that she has a particular card on her mind. It's almost a subliminal perception.

I ask Sue whether the card that Jim is thinking of is Red of Black. Sue says that it is black, not knowing exactly why she thinks this. Jim answers in the affirmative. Both are surprised. I ask Sue whether the card is a Club or a Spade. Sue answers that it is a Spade. Again Jim affirms that this is true.

By now both of them are getting a little spooked. I ask Sue if it's a number card or a picture card. Sue says that it's a picture card, and Jim's eyes get larger as he say, that yes, it is a picture card. Finally, I ask Sue to look deeply into Jim's eyes, "as if looking into his very soul", and to tell Jim the card that he has in his mind. Sue says that it is the Jack of Spades. Jim's jaw drops, and he sputters out that his thought-of card was indeed the Jack of Spades.

This effect is not 100%, but I manage it about 90% of the time. You'll know immediately when Sue says whether the card is Black or Red, if she's got the force card. If not, she'll have thought of the second card from the face of the pack, and you can usethe previous effect as an out, genuinely revealing two people's thought-of cards.

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