Mj Preferred Handling

first method for a Fan Force that I learned was the one detailed in EXPERT CARD TECHNIQUE. I feel that it is still the most sure-fire handling. In that book, the handling goes un-credited, but I believe that it was devised by the late Canadian Magician Tom Bowyer (1902-1949), another Tom B. from Canada with Think-of-a-Carditus.

In what I'll call the Bowyer Variation, the cards are fanned in the left hand using a twohanded fan. The fan is held face down, parallel to the floor as it is fanned. The Performer asks the Participant if he or she knows the names of the cards. When the participant has answered in the affirmative, the Performer raises the fan to the upright position and level (that is, held so that the center of the fan is upright, with each end of the fan balanced equally on both sides).

The Performer directs the participant's gaze to a single card, rather than the ruse employed by most of the earlier methods, wherein the Performer followed the participant's gaze to narrow the possibilities down to a block of several cards.

In the Bowyer Variation of the Fan Force, as the fan of cards is being raised to the upright position at the participant's eye level so that he can see the faces of the cards, the Performer moves his left hand's ring and middle fingers apart very slightly.

When I say very slightly, I mean that the movement is so _

small that it is felt rather than seen by the Performer. This moving of the fingers is timed so that it happens just as the cards are brought to the upright position. What happens is that the moving of the fingers causes the cards to spread very slightly at that point in the pack, revealing one card's index more than the others. The tiny movement also attracts the attention of the participant on a subconscious level, so that, without knowing why, they look to that part of the fan of cards to mentally select a card.

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