Roger Crossthwaite, in his delightful book ROGER'S THESAURUS, devotes a chapter to the "Think of a Card" effect, and gives his analysis of the Erdnase methods. While he does have some very interesting observations regarding what he terms: "the Gaze" method (the basis of which is found in Erdnase Method D), to be frank I found Crossthwaite's remarks on the other Erdnase methods to shed little new light. In fact, with regard to Method B, I find that Crossthwaite misses Erdnase's point completely, transforming the method into a "spectator says stop" spring force, which, I believe, was never intended by Erdnase.

His notes regarding the "Gaze Method" are a useful discussion of Length of Gaze, Direction of Gaze, and Intensity of Gaze. I would urge you to hunt down Crossthwaite's book and study his thinking on this aspect of the effect.

Crossthwaite's other reflection on the Think of a Card theme involve physically singling out a card through various cuts, forces, tricked packs, etc., and so are outside of the focus of these notes.

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