First Match

Each person mixes their set of cards. The participant is instructed to lay their set of cards face up on the table "in a random order". During this action, the Performer contrives to "help" the participant, and in so doing, makes certain that the WAVY LINES card is second from the right end of the row of five cards, from the Performer's point of view.

While mixing his own set of cards, the Performer has contrived to bring the WAVY LINES card in his set to the fact of the stack he holds. As he helps the participant adjust his row of cards on the table, this face card is innocently flashed to the participant several times, setting a subliminal image of the WAVY LINES in the participant's mind.

Performer: "I want you to just think of any one of these symbols that you see here..."

As he speaks, the Performer gestures toward the cards with his right hand, moving his hand in a sweeping gesture along the row of cards from left to right, about two inches below the bottom of the cards. In this gesture, the Performer stops when his hand comes even with the Wavy Lines Card. The Performer allows his hand to stop there, resting on the table palm up. Now, the Performer looks up at the Participant, smiles, and asks if they have a symbol in mind. This is a psychological force of the wavy lines card that works for various reasons: The wavy lines card is the most unusual symbol, and so laymen are drawn to it anyway; also, the gesture directs them to that card. The placement of the card in the second position from the Performer's right will also lead the Participant to choose that card, as will the subliminal image you've set in their mind earlier with the face card of your stack.

Two things can happen here. Either the force will work, or the Participant will mentally select another card. Here it is important for the GAZE principle to be utilized. First mentioned in Scott's Discovery of Witchcraft (in his words: "The eyes bewraieth the thought"), the idea is to simply watch where in the row of five cards the Participant settles his gaze. This will give a good indication of his mentally selected card.

Once the Participant says that they have a card in mind, the Performer asks them to mentally send that card to the Performer. The Performer sorts through the symbol cards in his hands, faces of the cards towards himself, being careful not to expose the extra card. If you are not certain that the force has worked and that the Participant has chosen the Wavy Lines card, after watching his gaze you will have a good idea of which symbol he has chosen. In either case, arrange the cards so that the WAVY LINES symbol is the card on the face of your set of cards, then remove the card SECOND most likely (after the Wavy Lines) to have been selected and hold it in your right hand, back towards the audience and the Participant.

Performer: "I think I've got it... Did you think of... the Wavy Lines?"

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