Enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting] Tarot -10 of Pentacles or 9 of Cups Level: 2

Components: V, F

Casting Time: 1 action

Area: 2d6 HD of living creatures within a 15-ft. radius

Duration: See text

Saving Throw: Will negates

Spell Resistance: Yes

This spell creates a powerful, but fleeting suggestion in the mind of those affected that they have acquired all that they need and want. This feeling of satisfaction last a maximum of 4 rounds, but the caster must concentrate during this time. Otherwise, the spell dissipates as soon as the caster stops concentrating. In addition, any attack on a creature that is suffering the influence of satisfaction breaks the spell.

While the spell lasts, those affected will stop any action they were taking and contemplate their ecstasy at being completely satisfied with life. The targets will not take any aggressive action unless attacked.

The spell can affect as many as 2d6 Hit Die of living creatures. The creatures with the lowest Hit Die are affected first and then the next lowest until the spell's power runs out. If the spell does not have enough power to affect a creature, the spell will fail for that creature.

+2 0

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