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Enchantment (Compulsion) [Language-Dependent, Mind-


Tarot - The Moon

Level: 2

Components: V, F

Casting Time: 1 action

Area: All living creature within a 15-ft. radius

Duration: 1 round/level

Saving Throw: Will negates

Spell Resistance: Yes

This spells affects those who hear the words of the caster. If the saving throw fails, the creatures will believe anything the caster says. This does not mean that the creatures will act on the words, such as with charm person, only that they do not think that the caster is lying.

Those creatures that have a special ability to detect lies receive a +2 bonus to save against the spell.

In addition, this spell grants a +4 circumstance bonus to Bluff checks.

Duration: 1 minute/level Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No

This spell affects the caster and allows him her to lie without any possibility of detection. Even those creatures that can detect lies are unable to penetrate the obfusca-tion. If a discern lies spell is cast on the caster while the deception spell lasts, the discern lies must overcome the power of deception in order to discover the lies. To overcome the deception the caster must succeed in a check, d20+level of caster versus 10 + level of the caster who cast the deception. If successful the lie will be discovered, but if the check is not successful, the spellcaster who used the discern lies will be convinced that the caster is telling the truth.

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