Weasel Phrases Command Verbs States Processes or Experiences Embedded Commands

(Example: What's it like when you become incredibly turned on?)

See? Actually it's quite simple. Practice a bit and you'll soon get the hang of it!!

Chapter Three Review and Exercises: 1. In the English language, a command ends with a:

(A) Up turn in tonality

(B) Down turn in tonality

(C) Even tonality

The purpose of using embedded commands is:

(A) Get a woman irritated and pissed off

(B) Increasing her resistance to you

(C) Move her mind in the direction you want it to go, without seeming to be intruding or ordering in any way

Weasel phrases are used:

(A) To let a woman know you are manipulating her

(B) To set up an embedded command

(C) To show a woman how clever you are

From the chart below mix and match Weasel Phrases, Command Verbs, and States, Processes or Experiences (SPE's) to form your own embedded commands:

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