The Boyfriend Destroyer Part II

Note: Originally, I taught this pattern to be used if she brought up the boyfriend objection when you first asked her out. With all the other patterns I've shown you, I'd only use it now if she brought up the boyfriend as part of an objection to getting physical or after you'd been screwing for a few weeks.

Her: I'm sorry ... I can't keep seeing you. I should have told you before, but I have a boyfriend. (or, as you are making out like crazy)

Her: We really shouldn't be doing this. I have a boyfriend

You: But I'll tell you what really fascinates me. It's like, what's this guy's name you're going out with?

Her: Bill

You: Right, so you're going out with this guy, Bill (Point to your right palm) ok. And you think he's real cool, and you're enjoying it and all that ... and then let's say for whatever reason you break up. You ever BREAK UP WITH SOMEONE (point to palm) and you go through that period of mulling it over, or maybe you NOTICE THE PATTERNS IN HIM THAT RUINED YOUR LAST RELATIONSHIP ... or maybe you start to LOOK AT HIM IN A WAY THAT REALLY MAKES HIM A LOT LESS ATTRACTIVE IN YOUR MIND? However you would just do that?

I mean it's so weird how the mind does all this stuff, but what I'm curious about is, what would it be like for a person if that entire process that usually takes months, what would it be like if that entire process were to TAKE PLACE INSTANTANEOUSLY (snap your fingers in her face) in someone's mind? It'd be like (wave your hand in her face) YOU COULDN'T SEE HIS PICTURE ANY MORE IN YOUR MIND. Every time you tried it'd be like something was just wiping it right out. And that's how you'd know that you'd already started to FORGET ALL ABOUT HIM, TO MAKE HIM LESS IMPORTANT.

Or you know, like, is there someone you use to date, but now there way out of your mind ... you haven't even thought about them in a long time? Yeah? We'll notice as you take your finger and point, where do you see there picture?

Right over there? Isn't that interesting? So if you were to, FORGET ABOUT THIS GUY (hold up your palm, push it to where she pointed), it'd be like he gets stuck in the same place. And of course you might think to yourself, "but I want to put him back".

You might think you might think that ... until you REALLY NOTICE that from over there, from this perspective, you really can SEE ALL THE THINGS in him and about him you don't like ... something that over time, would really cause you to dump him.

And when that happens it's a little sad, but it's also a nice thing, because it allows you to CREATE AN OPENING FOR SOMEONE NEW. (point to yourself) I know that's how it can GO DOWN WITH ME (point to your dickee!)

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Friendly Persuasion

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