The important questions to elicit submodality locations are: Have you ever (x)

As you remember that time when you x, if you were to point to where you seem to see it, where might you be pointing?

General super-manipulation pattern:

2. Tell a story about how someone else experienced x.

3. Describe the process of experiencing x, using embedded commands

4. As an optional fourth step, shift the submodalities


Anchoring elicitation questions:

1. Have you ever experienced x?

2. Watch, see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel how it felt, and when those feelings of x reach their peak, wiggle your finger for me.

3. Anchor with touch and word if you'd like.

4. Fire off anchor

Submodality elicitation:

Have you ever fallen madly in love? As you remember that time when you fell madly in love, and you see a picture of it, if you were to point to where you see that, where might you be pointing?

Well watch, as you just KEEP THINKING ABOUT THAT SPACE as I talk to you, as you ALLOW MY WORDS TO COME FROM THAT SPACE, and think you'll really start to feel perfect (fire off anchor). In fact, notice, it's as if you want to CREATE AN OPENING FOR MY WORDS. So if I were to say to you, "watch what happens as you PUT A PICTURE OF YOU AND ME BEING TOGETHER IN A VERY SPECIAL WAY, RIGHT THERE IN THAT SPACE", that sure would feel just perfect (fire off anchor), doesn't it?

In fact, when you THINK ABOUT WHAT IT IS THAT REALLY TURNS YOU ON (point to that place), it can allow you to COME (fire off anchor) to the same conclusion OVER AND OVER AGAIN (fire off anchor) that what you really want to do is create an OPENING for DESIRE (fire anchor), create an OPENING FOR ECSTASY (fire anchor), and opening that LONGS SO MUCH TO BE FILLED, don't you? (fire anchor, slip on condom)




The purpose of embedding a command is to direct your victim, er, ah, subject to the behaviors and states of consciousness that you desire and require. To directly give a command, would, in most people elicit resistance, unless they are cult members or in the United States Military. So you want to learn to use hidden, or embedded commands.

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