Phase Three Creating An Intense Pleasure State By Naming All Three Values In Order Of Importance

Note: This can be done after you've dropped the topic ... from an hour later to weeks later. Say something like:

You: You know ... I've been thinking that maybe we've really got the start of something here. And I think maybe it's something based on really enjoying each other's company, mutual admiration, and trust.

(You'll see her go into a profound pleasure state ... as this is peaking reach over and touch her and as you do so you say:)

Can you FEEL THAT would be a really wonderful thing to experience?

Note: Now you have an extremely powerful anchor for her to experience ultimate satisfaction with you!!! Also, since you know her rules for creating the sense that she has these values with you, you now know exactly how to behave to really make her experience it with you. In the case above, if you're not happy with something she's done, you'll want to share it with her so she can experience TRUST, one of her highest values. And you'll know, if you go to an event that isn't too exciting, it will still be ok if you manage to have fun anyway. See what I mean?


Note: This pattern can be done at any time or at first meeting. The basic steps to follows:

... either on a date the pattern are as

Step 1: Use fluff talk and humor to make her feel comfortable, listen to her babble for a little bit.

Step 2: Use the Instantaneous Connection Patterns from Chapter 10 to get her to feel both an incredible connection and distort her time sense so it seems like she's been deeply connected to you for months. This is an H-Bomb combination! (The H-Bomb uses fusion which can only be ignited from the heat generated by atomic fission. That's why they have to use an A-Bomb to set off an H-Bomb. Isn't science wonderful?)

Step 3: Set her up for anchoring an intense pleasure state by first getting her to notice how everything happens with a pattern or structure.

Step 4: Elicit and anchor intense pleasure

Step 5: Fire off that anchor

Step 6: Find out her sub modality location for picturing falling in love.

Step 7: Accelerate her pleasure state by describing the warmth of your voice coming from that place and spreading all through her body.

Step 8: Super-accelerate her pleasure state by intensifying your description of that state and using quotes.

Step 9: Pounce or step back and let her pounce!!!

Got that? So here it is, picking up with step 3:


See? Everything has a structure to it. For example, think about someone you really like for a second? Ok?

Got that? Now, point to where you seem to see that picture.

(Let her point)

You: Right there? Ok. Now think of someone who you really don't like at all. Ok? Point to where you see that.

(Let her point ... and by the way if she's one of those people who doesn't dislike anyone, then have her think of someone she could take or leave ... who she's neutral about!)

You: Now watch ... take that picture of the person you don't like ... and try as hard as you can to move it over into the place where you see the picture of the person you do like.

(She'll discover that she can't do it)

You: See that? It doesn't want to go does it? Because you need a way to sort out who you really like (point to yourself ... why miss an opportunity) from who you don't. Isn't that need?

Her: Yeah! Cool! Wow! (Or any other similar stupid female expostulation!)

You: Now see, there's another difference in the way you make pictures in your head. For example, you ever been on a roller coaster?

Her: Yeah!

You: Ok, watch. I want you to remember a time you were on a roller coaster, and I want you to see yourself sitting in the roller coaster car, riding up and down on the roller coaster. Just do that for a few seconds.

(Let her do this for a bit)

You: Ok ... now we're gonna do it again, but this time, instead of seeing yourself, see what you'd actually see through your own eyes if you were there, going on that roller coaster ride.

(Let her do that)

You: Now, of those two, which one felt more real, actually gave you the feelings of being there?

Her: The second one!!

You: Of course ... because you can see yourself in a memory, or see what you actually saw. When you see what you actually saw it really helps you to get the feelings of how it actually felt!

Her: Wow! This is fascinating!!!

You: Isn't it? Now look ... here's the next piece of this and it's called anchoring. So, here, try this ... close your eyes ... you remember a time when you were feeling exquisite pleasure in your body???

You: Ok. I want you to see what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel how it felt. And when those feelings of exquisite pleasure really reach their peak, just wiggle your little finger for me.

(Watch to see she's really in state ... her face will change, breathing quicken, etc. when she wiggles that finger, reach over, touch her wrist and say,:)

You: Purrrfect. And just hang on for a minute to how good

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