Phase Three Creating An Intense Pleasure State By Naming All Three Values In Order Of Importance

Note: This can be done after you've dropped the topic ... from an hour later to weeks later. Say something like:

You: You know ... I've been thinking that maybe we've really got the start of something here. And I think maybe it's something based on really enjoying each other's company, mutual admiration, and trust.

(You'll see her go into a profound pleasure state ... as this is peaking reach over and touch her and as you do so you say:)

Can you FEEL THAT would be a really wonderful thing to experience?

Note: Now you have an extremely powerful anchor for her to experience ultimate satisfaction with you!!! Also, since you know her rules for creating the sense that she has these values with you, you now know exactly how to behave to really make her experience it with you. In the case above, if you're not happy with something she's done, you'll want to share it with her so she can experience TRUST, one of her highest values. And you'll know, if you go to an event that isn't too exciting, it will still be ok if you manage to have fun anyway. See what I mean?

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