Pattern 2 Cancel date pattern

Her: Sorry, but ... blah blah blah blah and no counter offer (with counter ... just say "sorry can't" but maybe some other time")

You: Hmmmm. Let me ask you something. Do you always talk yourself out of something, "you really want to do?"

You: Good. Then let me show you something. Is there something that you really love to do, like you just can't wait to do it? Like if your friends said, "Hey, let's go do this", you'd be out the door in a second?

Her: Yeah.

You: Great. Now watch this ... as you think about whatever that activity is in your mind right now, if you were to take your finger and point to where in your mind you see that picture, where is it?

Her: Up and to the right.

You: Up and to the right. Isn't that interesting? And point again with now and notice how clearly you can see that picture again?

Her: Yeah!

You: Now notice what happens as you put a picture of you and me together laughing and having lots of fun right there in that space, in your mine. Doesn't that seem like something that you just can't wait to do?

You: As that picture gets bigger and brighter as you think about me, and just makes you feel compelled to go out with me, I hope you don't feel disappointed when I

tell you that I'm pretty busy right now, and you know this date we made was really the only time in the next few days when I could go out.

So, are you sure you can't make it?

Her: You know, I think I can after all.

Her: You know I really can't, but I really would like to go out with you.

You: Well look, as you wait for me to call maybe you can have lots of fun just looking that picture over and over. Ok? And maybe I'll talk to you sometime.


You: Let me ask you something point blank. Is going out with me something you could take or leave or is it something you really want to do?

You: Well look. Let me just tell you something straight out. The only kind of people I want around me are people who can now feel totally motivated to be with me, however, your mind just allows that to happen. Ok. If you don't go out with me, you're going to lose alot, cause I'm really great guy. So if you find yourself changing your mind and really want to do that, call me, and we'll go out have a great time. And if you don't it'll be a loss for us both whether you now realize that or not. Ok? Bye.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

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