Pattern 1 getting her to become attracted to you quickly when you arent her type

This first super-pattern can be used as a whole, or in pieces, depending on what you want. This pattern is designed to be used when you are on the prowl at a party, bar or club, and you sense the woman you're talking to is just responding to you casually, but there isn't any spark. Notice how it works by CASUALLY DESCRIBING A PROCESS rather than giving orders or commands. Notice also how the last thing you do is move that picture of you into the submodality of someone she's in love with. Moving submodalities is powerful, but intrusive. so you usually (but not always) want to try to do it after the person is already melting under your command, already in a drooling, breast-heaving, passionate state. Also notice the power of asking "you ever"? "You ever" or "can you remember a time when you experienced" are the words that open up the gates of hell. Also note that the commands are in bold-face. Finally, note the use of gesturing to yourself to link the commands to you.

You: You ever experience an attraction for someone who wasn't even your type? I mean you I've seen these women with hideous guys, and wondered, what is going on, but you ever experience that?

You: You know, I think, when that happens with someone, me,

I think what happens, is, you go inside, and you think about the inner qualities that you really want in a person, you know, you think about the things on the inside that really makes someone become more much more attractive in your mind, the qualities that makes you really want to be with them, you know, in such a way that you just start to really look at them in a different way. It's like as your talking with them, maybe you notice one particular feature of their face, that really starts to grab your attention, and suddenly you think to yourself, "God ... you know when I look at him this way, he's actually really handsome". Or you think, "You know ... I want to kiss this guy". Or maybe their voice really starts to get to you. It's like their voice starts to take on an actual physical warmth, that you can feel the warmth of that voice starting to spread through your body, so their words, just start to really get to you. It's like you create an opening for their words ... like you create an opening for them? Maybe you start to have images of fantastic sex with that person. And it's like, you know, you just long for them to touch you.

OK. From here, you should be a minute away from at least some seriously heavy petting, if not a fuck then and there. But now, let's say you want to extend it, so that she not only is attracted to you, but falls in love. You just add this part to what you've already done:

You: So that's one thing, that's attraction, and that's what you experience when your in the presence of the person. But then there's what you do when you fall In love with someone. Me I think what happens is, you go off by yourself, and you think about that person, you know, and you see a picture of them in your mind. And then you name two or three things about him that you really like, "He's so smart, he's so funny", and then you get that feeling right in here (point to your solar plexus) and then you say his name to yourself two or three times, and then you're in love ... you're hooked. And the interesting thing, the really interesting thing, is when that just happens with someone (point to self) it's like you just have to keep thinking about that person. You can't get him out of your mind.

I mean ... you ever fall head over in heels in love? Yeah? Well, watch ... when you think about that time you fell head over heels, you see a picture of it, don't you? Yeah you do. Now watch something interesting. Point to where you see that picture. Right. Now notice, as you think about that space as I talk about me, it really allows you to create an opening for my words, it's like, my words begin to effect you in an unusual way. So if I were to say to you, "watch what happens as you take a picture of me, (point to your palm) and put it right next to you in that space (put the picture with your hand up there) in your mind", that sure would be interesting, wasn't it? And I wonder what it was about me that you liked so much that it caused your unconscious to just put that picture right up there again. Isn't that interesting?

Ok. Here's what to do if she's just broken up with someone and is kinda gun shy. She's said, "Look, you're a great guy, and I'd like to go out with you, but I just broke up with someone and I'm kinda not ready".

You: I understand. You would like to go out with me. I

think you'll find that as I talk to you, that desire will increase powerfully. But look, I know there's a part of you that doesn't want to do this (point to your left). You know, I mean, it's like you break up with someone ... and you go through that period of mourning, and you can be really gun-shy for a while. You know, you make all these pictures in your head of all the times this guy let you down or hurt you, and you feel lousy, or you see all the good times, and feel so sad or maybe you make pictures in your head of all the guys who've hurt you or you start to feel all those feelings of being hurt, vulnerable, and betrayed, sad, bad, mad and it just hurts so much, you want it to stop! On the other hand (point to the right) I also know there's a part of you that really likes to have fun, that likes to meet new people and go out and do new things, you know the part that really wants that sense of being connected to someone, (point to you) and that excitement and fun and passion.

Ok ... final piece ... if she's dating someone currently and you want her to dump him for you.

Her: Well, I'd like to go out with you but I am seeing someone right now.

You: Hey, I appreciate you're being straight with me. Thank you. And as much as I wish it weren't the case, I gotta tell you I also respect relationships.

Her: Thank you

You: But you know, it's interesting, you can be in a relationship one minute, and the next minute, you don't know what's happening. I'm sure you've experienced that, haven't you?

Her: Oh, yeah. Too often unfortunately.

You: It's like you're going along and you suddenly start to

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