On The Spot Dummy

Think about this for a second. The dumb process you did to yourself can now be used to make her fawn all over you, repeatably and predictably!

Of course, the same thing applies to any other process you want her to run, or state you want her to experience, whether it's forgetting your competitor, (We'll show you how to do this later with my infamous "Boyfriend Destroyer Pattern") or anything else you care to name. If she's done it or experienced it once before, you can get her to do it or experience it with you again!!

How The Speed Seducer Thinks Things Differently

In light of that understanding, consider this for just a second. Let's say there's some juicy, super-hot, incredible babe you've lusted after for a long time. And, to further sweeten the scenario, let's say through prayer, good karma, and the intercession of the Pope, you've managed to get a date with her. Should you be asking yourself questions like, "Where should I take her? How should I dress?".

If you only ask yourself these totally unimportant questions, then you are a chump. No. From now on, you'll ask yourself the question I always get the men in my seminars to ask:

If I could create any states of mind I want in this woman, this evening, what states would I want her to experience with me? Ok? How about states of:


Not bad for starters, huh? If you can get a woman to experience these kind of states in your presence (and to think about you this way obsessively even when your not around) do you think you are going to wind up with just a polite peck on the cheek, a handshake goodnight, and a "let's just be friends", at the end of the evening? Or is she going to be all over you like flies on a mortician? You see, rather than thinking of how to get her to do all the behaviors you want from her, i.e., humping, sucking, etc., first think of what states of mind you want her to be in; states where it would be natural for her to do all those nasty things to and with you.

This brings us to a second key point that separates a Speed Seducer from the Average Frustrated Chump. You see, the AFC talks just to be flapping his lips, trying to be entertaining, or maybe, gulp, trying to get the girl to understand him. The

Speed Seducer (and any good Master of Persuasion) knows that he must ...

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