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The Tao Of Getting Laid:

"A Shaolin priest can walk through walls. Listened for, he cannot be heard. Looked for, he cannot be seen. Felt for, he cannot be touched." ... Kung Fu

"Yeah, but can he get laid whenever he wants to?" ... Ross Jeffries

"Do not resist, do not let go!" ... Tai Chi Classics

"Never resist what a woman offers you. Listen between the lines and allow her to teach you how she wishes to be defeated" ... Ross Jeffries

"To listen one must be soft and relaxed. If you are "soft as a piece of cloth" a woman's resistance will have no point upon which to exert force. You will also be able to "hear" her intention before she is even aware of it, thus putting her completely at your mercy." ... Ross Jeffries


1. Female ambivalence: the FIM (Female Interrupter Response) factor; reasons for her ambivalence.

2. What you resist, persists-accept, accept, accept, then redirect to your advantage.


A. Everything is process: every human experience, whether it's attraction, falling in love, falling out of love, etc., involves a process. By skillfully describing a process you can make a person apply that process to whomever you'd like them to apply it.

B. People's mental images have a structure. Move pictures around the structure and they change people's feelings. If you can move a person's internal pictures, you can move the person (into your bed), if that's what you wish.

Exercise 1. Submodalities: Think of someone who you used to be in love with, but now they've been out of your life for at least a few years, so you no longer feel anything for them. (It doesn't even have to be someone who loved you back; could be someone you just really wanted but got nowhere with.) Notice where you see the picture of them.

Now, think of someone who you currently or recently really want or are attracted to. Notice how you see that picture, and compare it to the first one. Now take the picture of the current person, and put it down into the location of the other picture. Now start to notice, from that perspective, the stuff you don't like about the person.

Question: Knowing this, if you wanted to make a competitor less important in a woman's mind, how might you do it?

C. Key Persuasion principle: if you want a behavior from someone, first think of what state it would be most natural for them to give you that behavior.

Exercise 2: List 3 states you'd like a woman to experience around you.


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