It feels to Feel Perfect Keep holding her wrist as shes experiencing this

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You: Ok. Open eyes. Close em again. And go through it again

... see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel how it felt. And when those feelings reach their peak, wiggle that finger. (Repeat the anchor process)

You: Ok, one more time (run her through it one more time)

You: Ok. Open your eyes. Now, the theory behind anchoring is, that if someone is in a certain state, and you combine that state with a touch or sound, when you repeat that touch they'll go back into that state. So if I were to say to you, you know, I find that when I

spend time with someone, and I really start to FEEL THAT SENSE OF INCREDIBLE CONNECTION, maybe then you can just FEEL PERFECT (fire off the anchor by touching her wrist) And that feels great, doesn't it?

You: Isn't this interesting? Isn't the mind really cool?

Now notice something else: you ever just fall head over heals in love with someone (point to yourself ... never miss that opportunity!)

You: Well, as you're remembering that time, point to where you see that picture!

(let her point it out)

You: Ok ... and you're really feeling perfect right now, aren't you? (fire off that anchor again!) Her: Oh yeah!

You: So watch ... (point to where she falls in love) As you

THINK ABOUT THAT SPACE AS I TALK TO YOU ... as you ALLOW MY VOICE TO COME FROM THAT SPACE ... you might find it's like you want to CREATE AN OPENING FOR MY VOICE ... and opening that allows the deep, rich warmth of my voice to just penetrate your thoughts, and SPREAD THAT WARMTH ALL THROUGH YOUR BODY ... that sure feels great, doesn't it?

(At this point you have two options for preceding. Either will work)

Option #1: Quotes


FIRE, SPREADING through your chest and down through your body ... as YOUR HEART BEATS FASTER and your BREATHING INCREASES, and you really FEEL THAT TOTAL PERFECTION (fire anchor again) ... I just want to tell you I'm having a great time with you tonight. It sure is better that being with all those jerks out there.

Cause I know some guys can be so crude. It's like the other night, I was in a bar ... and this guy walks right up to a girl and he says:

"Can you IMAGINE HOW GREAT IT WOULD FEEL if I were going down on you, exactly the way you like it, all night long, and you were SO HOT AND SO WET YOU WERE BEGGING TO HAVE ME INSIDE YOU?" I can't believe how crude some guys can be!!!

Option # 2: Describing Another Person's Experience

You: My friend Kim was telling me that her roommate has this best friend, Dawn. And when Dawn starts to notice that growing attraction, it happens in a certain way.

Like first, as she looks at the guy, and starts to REALLY PAY ATTENTION, she just becomes aware of certain things ... like the rhythm of her breathing, and the beating of her heart, and the out line of his face ... so as she becomes aware of all these things, one particular feature of his face just starts to rivet her attention, so she becomes totally absorbed in the connection taking place ... and as that's all happening, it's like the warmth of his voice, the deep rich warmth of it, just starts to penetrate her consciousness, and spread all through her body, and as her heart beats faster and her breathing increases, that warmth just heats up into a fire, a fire spreading through her chest and down through her belly, a fire pounding and pulsating all through her, down to where she really longs to have it go, until that desire for him just BECOMES UTTERLY OVERWHELMING, and she just SURRENDERS to it completely.


As powerful as the preceding Speed Seduction Patterns are, occasionally you're going to run into some trouble. This chapter is dedicated to patterns designed to powerfully resolve the special challenges you might sometimes face.

The Shock Pattern: When Nothing Else Is Working

Some times you'll find that you've done all of the patterns technically right, but you still don't get much of a response from a woman. In these situations, you have to get a bit more flexible, back up and try some different techniques.

Here for example, is a pattern I used to finally nail Melanie, a girl I'd known for some time. Now, the problem with Melanie was NOT that she was sexually excited by the stuff I was doing. It's just that I did the sexual stuff before the connection stuff, so I had to back up, drop the sexual stuff, and create the connection.

But, because she was naturally sharp anyway, and further was now on guard, it was difficult. The final thing I knew about her was she was a big mismatcher; in other words, even if she liked an idea, if she thought that she was at all having it forced on her, she'd automatically shut down to it, and resist it.

So, in her case, I decided to use two things:



Now, I'm not necessarily suggesting to follow everything I said to her, because the girl you're having problems with may not be like her. Bear in mind that I'd known her for some months, and we were now getting closer emotionally. So here's what I said, while we were just sitting in the park, talking.

Me: You know what? I'm going to tell you something, and you're not going to like it. You're not going to like it at all, but here it is: I think it's time you and I

started FUCKING ... (pause) around, with the idea (pause) of your forming a strong understanding, which is that persuasion isn't about making someone feel something they don't really feel, it's about awakening and reminding them of some that's already there anyway; so I know you couldn't IMAGINE HOW GREAT IT WOULD FEEL if we were doing it exactly the way you like it; there's also no way you could IMAGINE HOW GREAT IT WOULD IT WOULD FEEL to have me licking and sucking you just the way you like it, but if you could; you might then REALIZE that FUCK IT (POINT TO YOUR DICK) IT JUST FEELS SO DAMN GOOD, it doesn't matter who's doing it; the only thing you know is, YOU WANT IT! (POINT TO YOUR DICK AGAIN!)

Ok; you'll notice that I shocked the shit out of her by appearing to be blatant about wanting to fuck her, but then, I changed the meaning of that sentence by tacking on the words "around with the idea" and then pausing again, before telling her what the idea is. But this is getting her really hot to listen to the idea, because of her shock and confusion. Had I just presented the idea about it not mattering who was making her feel what, it would not have had the impact.

Then, I further pace the way her mind works by telling her that I know she "couldn't" imagine all these things. That way she doesn't have to resist it because I'VE ALREADY RESISTED IT FOR HER!!

Aren't I a genius?

Patterns If And When You Get Caught!

In the beginning of your Speed Seduction efforts, some girls might catch on to what you are doing. These patterns should be used if that should occur. The first one is really just a confusion pattern, and works by making what you're saying so hard to follow that she gets amnesia for her objection!!!

If You Get Caught Pattern # 1: You're Fucking With My Mind!

You: I know it really can seem that way, but I think that's just because I talk about the way people THINK ABOUT THINGS ANYWAY ON A REALLY DEEP LEVEL, so because what I'm describing fits their inner experience so well, it may seem like I'm fucking with them, but really I'm just discussing what they know anyway. See, cause there's what you know, there's what you know you know, and there's you know, but you don't know you know. So when the things you know but don't know you know, become the things you know you know, you can just THINK THINGS DIFFERENTLY, you know?

If You Get Caught Pattern #2: You're Getting Everything You


This pattern does two things: First, it shocks her by admitting that you ARE manipulating her, and then it re-directs her to view that as a good thing, because it means she's really going to be happy with you!

You: You're right. I am manipulating you, in fact it's my job to manipulate you to FALL MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME. And you're job is to see to it that I do it in a way where you FEEL GREAT, because YOU'RE GETTING EVERYTHING YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED, AND EVERYTHING YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF. Like maybe in those times as a little girl when you dreamed about the kind of man you wanted, really wanted to be with (point to yourself) and the kind of life you wanted to share with him?

And maybe next time you think to yourself on the inside, (use a whiny tonality) "He's fucking with me ... he's manipulating me", maybe it's only a sign to GO INTO THE STATE where you REALIZE THAT WHAT'S IMPORTANT isn't who's doing what to whom ... what's important is that you really can FEEL THE WAY YOU WANT TO FEEL WITH THE KIND OF PERSON YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO FEEL IT WITH. Can you FEEL THAT (reach out and touch her) is a change you really want to have?

The Amplifier!!!!

Sometimes you find that, no matter what pattern you run, a woman never really gets that "doggie dinner bowl look" that lets you know she really is turned on. Some of them are just so disassociated from their feelings, that you just can't get those strong responses.

This pattern should be used if you find that, after throwing a few patterns her way, you're still not detecting any strong response. It acts like a magnifying glass, amplifying anything else you suggest to her! Here it is;


I mean as you look at me and answer the question, can you REMEMBER THAT FIRST TIME, WHEN YOU SAW A GUY AND YOU THOUGHT MMM? Do you remember where you felt that?

Well, look, I think memory and experience are not the same, because actually we can remember things in a way that make them even more exciting than the actually experience. And everyone has that ability.

For example, just explore for a minute, as you remember again that first time a guy got to you, what you can do with the memory to make that more exciting. Like notice what happens as the picture gets bigger, or brighter, or move it closer, yeah ... just like that ... and you know that feels even better doesn't it?

YEAH? See, now the ability to make memories and images more exciting and more pleasant is a neat one, but here's the thing to realize, as you remember how good it felt when that guy got to you, you can even take ongoing experience and make that more exciting, so as you remember how to do at as we continue to talk tonight I'm just wondering how much you can enjoy feeling it happen?

The Jerk Destroyer

It's an unfortunate reality of existence that many women are attracted to what can only be called assholes: guys who are closed, distant and self-absorbed.

This pattern works by tying in to the woman's ultimate fantasy of being with a man who's strong, but also open emotionally. It totally blows her fuses and makes any jerk she's with now seem totally unimportant. You should use it only after you determine that she's indeed the jerk-loving type.

You: You know, if you ever meet a guy who's strong, who knows how to hang on to his own strength, and knows how to call you on your bullshit, yet at the same time open himself to you completely, and totally give of himself, it'll be the most mind-blowing experience of your life. I think it'll be like a diamond bullet ...

a diamond bullet shot right into your soul, that just spreads through your whole soul and RE-ALIVENS and AWAKENS you to pleasures and feelings you haven't even dared to dream about. Can you FEEL THAT ... would be just a mind-blowing experience.

And I'll tell you something ... I don't know what thoughts you've had of me or what thoughts you've dared to let yourself have of me, but when I'm with a woman like that, and they start to PERCEIVE ALL THESE THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, it's like wow ... What a difference in the way they think, you know?


Well, I hope we haven't thrown too much at you here. These patterns, and the principles that drive them, are EXTRAORDINARILY powerful. And you find, I think, that you can apply them, with just some small modifications, to any area of life.

If you'll commit yourself to having fun while you experiment, then there's no limit to how far you can go. If you've bought this book as part of my complete Speed Seduction Home Study Course, then you can refer back to this book as you listen to the accompanying audio tapes or watch the video. If you haven't yet ordered your entire Speed Seduction Home Study Course, at the end of this book, you'll find an order coupon, offering a 10% discount. I'd highly advise you GO FOR IT!!!!!

I'd also like to invite you to share your challenges and successes with me as well as any new patterns you come up with. You can reach me at (310) 670-6547 or call Dr. Canipe at (703) 791-6421. Mail will reach me at:

Ross Jeffries, 6245 Bristol Parkway, #275, Culver City, CA 90230.

Good luck, and remember: he who hesitates, masturbates!

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