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You see, some of what I'm going to show you in later chapters may cause you to think, "Will the girl understand what I'm saying to her?". And my response is: THE PURPOSE OF YOUR COMMUNICATION IS NOT TO GIVE HER AN UNDERSTANDING. THE PURPOSE OF YOUR COMMUNICATION IS TO GET YOU A RESULT!!!!

That "result" is to put her in a state of lust, horniness, fascination, etc. that you want her in, because once she's in these states, it's natural for her to want to do all those nasty things to your body and to want you to do them to hers.

A Little Metaphor To Further Your Understanding

Once, I asked a Master of Persuasion if he could give me a better understanding of how to influence women. He told me the following story:

"When I set out to influence a woman, I like to think of myself as a fisherman. Everything I do, every action I take is organized around landing that fish.

Now, I'll dangle the bait in the water, and then I'll watch to see what the fish does. And the fish will come up and smell the bait, and put it's mouth around the bait. And I'm watching to see what part of the bait the fish likes.

Now, right here is where most people make their mistake. You see, as soon as the fish bites down they start reeling in that line like crazy. But I never do that, because I consider that I only have a 10 pound fishing line to catch a 150 pound fish. So if the fish feels me pulling on the line, it's going to pull back and that line will S-N-A-P and no fish for me.

So what I do is stay right in front of that fish, and what I do is I start reeling myself to the fish. So as I walk up on that fish the fish doesn't feel any tug or pull on the line so it doesn't resist me. And it just seems natural to it as I get closer and closer to it. And the closer I get to it, the stronger my line is and the smaller the fish gets. Till by the time I'm right up to that fish with my net, I've got a 500 pound line for a 10 pound fish. And the fish feels so natural that it just eliminates it's own resistance and thinks, "Hey this is right. This is natural. It's natural to jump in the boat, get skinned, gutted, fried up and eaten!"

Now, wasn't that a nice story? I want you to think well on it, because I don't want you to go making the same dumb mistakes I made when I was first learning Speed Seduction.

Let me explain a bit. You see, when I first started out, I was so excited by the fact that I could get very hot-looking women sexually excited and turned on in just a few minutes time, that I went right for the jugular every time out.

So, was I successful in getting these women hot and bothered? You bet. But did I get laid doing it? USUALLY NOT!!! Because I came on strong, without softening them up first that ...

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