How To Find Out Where She Puts Her Pictures And What To Do With That Information Once Youve Got It

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The best way to find out where a woman puts her mental pictures, is, of course, to ask. You should do this as part of an overall discussion of how interesting the mind is. Try a dialogue like this.


Did you know your mind puts pictures in different places, according to how you feel about them?

What do you mean?

Well, look: think of someone who you really, really like alot. Ok?



And now, if you were to just imagine your mind to be like a giant movie screen, and if you were to point to where on the screen you see the picture of that person, point to where you see it.


(pointing) Ok.


Good. Now, if you think about someone who you don't like at all, or someone who you just think of as neutral, point to where you see that.


(pointing) Ok.


Good. Now, watch ... take the picture of the person you don't like, and try to move it into the same place as the picture of the person you do really like. It doesn't want to go, does it?

Alright. Get it? That's how you get her started. You can then move on to getting her to point to where she falls in love, forgets people, etc..

Now ... bear something else in mind. Some women just aren't that effected by the pictures they have in their heads. Even if you do get them PICTURING sexual acts, it still doesn't get them all that turned on. For them, sounds and feelings are most powerful. So you can even have her hearing sounds in a way that gets her REALLY HOT, using sub-modalities. To do so, you'd say something like this:

You: Ok. Point to that space where you fall in love. Great. Now, as you THINK ABOUT THAT SPACE AS I TALK TO YOU ... as you ALLOW MY VOICE TO COME FROM THAT SPACE, I just invite you to NOTICE HOW THE DEEP RICH WARMTH of that voice just starts to penetrate your thoughts, and start to spread all through you, and that sure feels great, doesn't it?

Now, later in this book we will show you some patterns that do just that, and more, but for now, here are some very important points to keep in mind:

1. Moving people's mental pictures is very, very powerful but also EXTREMELY INTRUSIVE!!!! It should only be done once you have really "snuck up on the fish" and the fish is

A Very, Very Important Note:

already in a state of wanting to jump into the boat !!!

2. When you move a woman's mental pictures it is almost never advisable to directly command her to move them. So, don't say something like: "Now, take that picture of me, and put it right there in that place in your mind where you fall in love!!" ERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! WRONG!!!!

This would be more like it: "You know, sometimes I find that, when you spend time with someone, and you really start to experience that incredible bond, and feel totally comfortable, you can just start to (point to where she falls in love) picture being together with them in a special way, in that special place in your mind! "

By the way, can you find the embedded commands? (Experience that incredible bond ... feel totally comfortable ... )

3. When you move a woman's mental picture's it's often advisable to add in a post-hypnotic suggestion to keep those pictures from moving back!! So, for example, let's say you've done a pattern we'll show you in a later chapter, that gets her to put her current boyfriend's picture into a location that makes him seem completely unimportant. To prevent it from popping back you'd say something like:

Now, you may be surprised to find how common everyday things, like flipping the light switch, or walking in your front door, or stepping into the shower can remind you to keep those pictures down there! And the more they struggle and fight to come back, the smaller and darker they get ... to the point where you just can't even see them anymore, ever again!

Notice here we've linked what we want her mind to do to some common, everyday event. If we linked it to every time Haley's comet passes by or the Mets win the World Series we'd get nowhere.

Chapter 7 Review and Exercises

1. Find a friend (male or female) and elicit from them the location in their mind of someone they like and someone they don't. (Tell them it's all part of a psychology experiment you read about in a book) Note the differences in where they see these images. Then try and get them to move the picture of the person they like to the same place as the picture of the person they don't, note the results.

2. Now ... ask the same person from exercise one to think of one of those two people but DON'T tell you which one it is. Your job will be to guess by watching where his eyes go as he thinks. Almost always his eyes will go in the same place he pointed originally. So if he or she pointed up and to the left when as the place where they put someone they like, chances are that's where they will look when they think of that person again.


Have you ever heard the expression, "Don't re-invent the wheel?". Well the same idea applies strongly in Speed Seduction.

You see, building states of fascination, arousal, lust, etc. can be done very quickly; no doubt about that. But once you've built those states, why not make sure you have a way to turn them on again any time you want to, without having to go throw building them all over again? In other words, if you initial investment of time in getting a woman in all these states is, say, 20 to 30 minutes, wouldn't it be great to be able to get her back into those states with a one word or a touch, or even a glance, in about one second?

Now that would really be Speed Seduction, wouldn't it?

Your basic tool for doing this is ANCHORING, and the principle of anchoring is simple: if you get a person in a certain state, and then combine that state with a touch or a sound, the person's brain will associate that state with that sound or touch, so later, if you produce that sound or touch, the person will go back into that state.

There are two basic types of anchoring.

Two Types Of Anchoring: Directive Demonstration and Non-

Directive, Conversational

Some of the very best "Speed Seduction" patterns are conversational: with these, you don't ever tell her to do anything, she just does it automatically by virtue of listening to you.

Other patterns (in the minority, but still powerful, to be sure!) do require that you direct her to do things. But even here it's not so much ordering as it is asking her to participate so you can demonstrate to her some interesting principle of the mind.

You can anchor using either one of these frames of doing things.

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