Friends Into Lovers Pattern

Note: This pattern can be used on a woman who has been a long time friend but shown no sexual interest, or on a woman with whom you had a few dates way back when but never got anywhere. It works best in a casual setting like over coffee. Notice how this pattern utilizes a "have you ever" to set up the use of quotes. It also utilizes anchoring. After general "fluff" talk proceed as follows:

You: Have ever you hung out with someone who you weren't really attracted to but then, for whatever mysterious reason, you just suddenly found that you started to THINK THINGS DIFFERENTLY and SEE THEM IN A WHOLE NEW WAY? (point to yourself)

I mean, I think sometimes people really don't know what they want, at least consciously ... but then it's like YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND DIVES DOWN (gesture with both hands to indicate diving down) into your unconscious, and just (gesture with both to indicate coming back up) BRINGS BACK UP ALL THOSE DESIRES AND IMAGES AND FEELINGS INTO YOUR MIND.

I mean like my neighbor looks at me one day, and right out of the blue she takes me by the hands (take her by the hands) and says, "Can you IMAGINE IF WERE MAKING OUT, And I was kissing exactly the way you like to be kissed, touching you exactly the way you liked to be touched, and you were starting to FEEL INCREDIBLY TURNED ON, so turned on your had to have me.?"

Can you believe she said that? Now, see, if I had wanted to play back with her? I woulda said something like, "Oh yeah? Well you know that feeling you get just before you have an orgasm. When the pleasure is just building and pulsing and throbbing all through your body? If you could IMAGINE THAT FEELING, could you FEEL THAT RIGHT NOW

(squeeze her hands as you say this ... you've now set up an incredibly powerful stacked up anchor!)? Could you even SEE ALL THOSE IMAGES, big and bright, really turning you on?

(SPECIAL NOTE: Usually, this is all you'll have to do ... you've got your anchor set up ... simple take her by the hands and squeeze whenever you want to fire it off and set that feeling and whole chain of thinking going again ... but if you want to continue building up that head of steam in her panties, here's how. Continue by saying:)

You: You see, even that experience, of someone starting to

FEEL UNBELIEVABLY TURNED ON has a structure and a sequence to it. Like for some people, first they REALLY FEEL THOSE FEELINGS (fire off the anchor) and then they start to SEE THOSE INCREDIBLE IMAGES. And other people SEE THOSE IMAGES first, and then they GET THOSE FEELINGS. I mean, when I SEE THOSE IMAGES, mine are moving. Are your images moving or still images?

(wait for her answer ... it really doesn't matter)

You: And see what can happen is, they feed into each other

... so as the IMAGES GET BRIGHTER AND BIGGER the FEELINGS can REALLY INTENSIFY, so they're just radiating and pulsing all through your body, and that MAKES THE PICTURES BIGGER, which MAKES THE FEELINGS MORE INTENSE, till you can sometimes just LOSE CONTROL COMPLETELY and GO WILD WITH DESIRE! !

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